313382 Private Marcus Cecil Lawrence, no 5 Armoured Car Co, batman to Major Carew


Carew's batman was Private Marcus Cecil Lawrence 313382 Tank Corps. From Mountain Ash Glamorgan, Wales.


1897 Oct 27 . He was born in Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, Wales.

1901 census in Llanwonno, Glamorgan

1911 census at Llanwonno, Glamorgan

1916 Dec 28 He first enlisted ( before Tank Corps existed so probably into Machine Gun Corps Heavy Branch) . He's not showing up as having war medals so probably never served overseas.. His Tank Corps re-enlistment shows previous number L16838 in 3rd Res of Cavalry. Seventeen Cavalry Reserve Regiments were formed by the British Army on the outbreak of the Great War in August, 1914. These were affiliated with one or more active cavalry regiments, their purpose being to train replacement drafts for the active regiments.

In 1915, the 3rd Line regiments of the Yeomanry were also affiliated with the Cavalry Reserve. In 1917, the regiments underwent major reorganization, being reduced to ten in number. Although nominally cavalry, many of the drafts ended up being converted into infantry in order to satisfy the manpower demands of trench warfare.

1919 Mar 7 Discharged to Z Reserves

1919 Aug 18. re enlisted for another two years and renumbering 7869121 and extended further two years 23/3/1921. He's shown in Ireland being No.5 Armoured Car Coy

1920 Nov 21. Bloody Sunday

Moran was charged with the murder of Lieutenant Ames at 38 Upper Mount Street on Bloody Sunday along with another man called Joseph Rochford.  Moran was identified by three British soldiers as taking part in the shooting - they were Major Carew, Carew's batmen Private Lawrence, and Private Snelling who had been taken prisoner by the gunmen at 38 Upper Mount St.  Moran was found guilty and sentenced to be hung.  Moran was captain of D Company, 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade, IRA. We now know that Moran was in charge of the shootings at the Gresham Hotel,, so his alibi was manufactured. But nonetheless nobody could not have seen him at Upper Mount Street on the morning of Bloody Sunday.

On Bloody Sunday Carew was living at 28 Upper Mount St, just across the road from 38 Upper Mount St and the shootings of Ames and Bennett. His batman, Private Lawrence, saw the raid and when he alerted Carew, Carew fired with his revolver at the attackers. However, Carew was not prepared to swear positively that the man he saw was Moran.  Lawrence was positive that he saw Moran but he also identified Rochford.  Both Moran and Rochford produced alibi evidence that they were elsewhere during the shootings.  Rochford's was accepted but Moran's was not. (indeed Moran was at that time in fact leading the group at the Gresham Hotel where MacCormack and Wilde were murdered)

The statement, which gives his army number and intital, that he made at Moran's trial is:- The full statement is online

I am batman to Major Carew who is employed at Dublin Castle. At about 11.30pm on 20th November 1920 I was just about to enter 28 Upper Mount Street, where I lived with my officer. I was stopped by two men, who after telling me a long story made a certain request and asked for certain information. I did not give them any. I eventually left the men and entered number 28. It would then be nearly midnight. As I opened the door one of them shouted after me with a question. When I got in, I made a report to my officer as to what happened. In fact Executed for Ireland, the Patrick Moran story does say that Patrick Moran was one of these men to whom Lawrence talked that night

The next morning, Sunday 21 November 1920, between 8.45am and 9.00 am, I happened to be looking out the sitting room window which is on the top floor. When I saw a man walking up and down outside number 38 Upper Mount Street, which is practically opposite. I saw him suddenly quicken his step, pull a revolver out of his pocket and point it at the Private who had just come up. I later found the Private's name to be Private -- and I now know him well. I ran and told my officer what was happening. He was in bed.

The officer ran into the sitting room with his automatic. I followed him. He opened the window and shouted something. I saw the Private was then standing on the steps of number 38. And the man that I had seen before was pointing a revolver at him. My officer fired and I stepped back from the window. I went away to fetch my service revolver. And when I returned both the Private and the man had disappeared.

The accused I see here before me now, who answers to the name of Patrick Moran, is the man who held up the Private. I identified him at Arbour Hill about the middle of December last and picked him out fom 15 men. I asked for him to be shaved to be absolutely certain he was he right man.

After service in Ireland he was with 10th ACC (Tank Corps) in Waziristan. His General service medal has the 1921-1924 Clasp, so presumably he went there after Ireland. He has a pension record card to his later Tank Corps number dated 1925

1923 Jul 2. Dischargeed no longer fit for war service

1929 Jul Left UK bound for Canada on his own and then moves on to New South Wales, Australia.

1931 Electoral roll at Mortlake, Martin, New South Wales, Australia

1932 May 4. Married Sarah Jane Bartlett ( also from Glamorgan) in 1932.

He served in the Australian Forces in WW2 but dropped three years off his age when enlisting.

1980 Sep 28, Died in Petersham, New South Wales, Australia.

Major Carew