Joseph Esebuis Pereira

1895 Mar 10. Born Georgetown, British Guiana. He graduated from the Royal College.

1913 Aug 13. Arrives in Southampton, describes himself as a "Merchant" resident in Demerara. Got on the SS Magdalena at Trinidad, and travelled 1st class.

1915 May 8. Married Louise Gonsalves in British Guiana

1915 Oct 1. Travels from Barbados to Liverpool on SS Mexico of Pacific Steam Navigation Co. Described as a Merchant from British Guiana.

1916 Aug 29. Enlisted as a Motor Driver in ASC in London Army Record is Here

1916 Sep 16 Served in Mesopotania with British Army

1917 Sep 12 Left Mesopotania for India

1917 Sep 12. The King has approved the admission of the undermentioned gentlemen to the Indian Army Reserve of Officers: To be Second Lieutenants. Cavalry Branch H. Dated 12th September, 1917. Joseph Esebuis Pereira

1918 Mar 13 - leaves India.

1918 Apr 1 to Apr 29. With the RAF College in Egypt

1918 Aug 5 served in Aden.

1918 Oct 25. Royal Air Force. The undermentioned temporary appointment is made at the Air Ministry The undermentioned are granted temp. commns. as 2nd Lts. (O.):J. E. Pereira (2nd Lt., I.A.B.O.). His full RAF Record is here

This extract from his RAF record gives his postings.


1919 May 12. Pereira posted to Russia. And a month later...

1919 Jul 14. His wife Louisa lands in Liverpool off the RMS Deseado from Lisbon. Her address is given as "Stanhope, 8 Pembridge Gdns, Notting Hill Gate". She must never have lived with Pereira in London as her divorice afidavit states that.

pereira wife

1919 Sep 12 Pereira gets back from Russia

1919 Oct 28 He goes to Lithuania at the same time as Carr, Bowen and MacFie

1920 Feb 22-23 took part in suppressing the rebellion led by the Bolshevik Linksmadvaryje

1920 Mar 1. Returns from Lithuania

1922 Feb 23. Mercedes da Silva has an illegitimate child by Pereira (cited in divorce proceedings) - named Joseph G Pereira

1923 Mar. He arrives in London on SS travels 1st class from Demerara, Guyana on the SS Ingria of the Harrison Line. He lists his profession as "nil" and his permanent address as "c/o W Burr, Broad St House, London"

1924 May 13 Wife petitions for divorce Divorce Court File: 5348. Appellant: Louisa Gonsalves Pereira. Respondent: Joseph Eusebius Pereira. Type: Wife's petition for divorce. J 77/2086/5348

1924 Aug 22. His wife leaves UK on RMS Andes bound for Lisbon with her mother Maria, sister Lily and brother Aurelio

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