Sidney Earl Buckley

Ancestry family tree

1893 Dec 6. Born Northants

1911 census A boarder at Rugby School

1914 Jul 26 Arrives in USA from UK

1914 Aug 24. The undermentioned ,Cadets and ex-Cadets of the Officers Training Corps to be temporary Second Lieutenants. Sidney Earl Buckley

1915 Nov 30. Less fortunate were 2nd Lieutenant Herbert Stanford Ward and Lieutenant Sidney Earl Buckley of 16 Squadron who were shot down in their BE2c (1717) while carrying out photo reconnaissance of the front line. They crashed and were taken prisoner.

1917 Jun 9. According to The Times correspondent at Berne, Captain A. J. Evans, R.F.C. , and Lieut. S. E. Buckley, Northamptonshire, attd. R.F.C., arrived in Berne on June 9th, having escaped from Germany. Captain Evans was reported missing in July, 1916, and Lieut. Buckley in December, 1915.

Capt Evans book on the escape

1917 Jun 30 Received by King at Buckingham Palace

1917 Sep 10 Special Appointment. (Graded for purposes of pay as a Staff Lt., 3rd Cl.)—Temp. Lt. S. E. Buckley, North'n R., and to be transfd. to Gen. List. 10th Sept. 1917.

1918 Feb 10. (Graded for purposes of pay as Staff Lts., 2nd C;.).— Temp. 2nd Lt. S. E. Buckley, Gen. List.

1918 Moved to Intelligence

1918 Dec 3. To be Temp Capt - Temp. Lt. .S. E. Buckley.

1919 Jan 14. Relinquishes his appointment. Temp. Lt S. E. Buckley, Gen. List. Class HH Special Appointment

1919 Aug 22. Relinquishes commission. Temp. 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) S. E. Buckley, and is granted the rank of Capt

1919 Sep 24. Marries in London

1919 Dec 16 Gazetted MC

During the Truce the IRA (Florence O'Donoghue Paper) believed that Buckley, appointed a Commercial Traveller for Welch Margetson of London and Londonderry in Drapery was en ex-Capt in RFC and a former Intelligence Officer. At the same time as he was appointed 2 other former Intelligence Officers were appointed too.

1929 Aug His father died

A Second World War Intelligence Corps M.B.E., Great War Royal from Major Sidney Earl Buckley, M.B.E., M.C., was born on 6.12.1893 and was educated at Rugby and Queen's College, Oxford. A Farm Manager by profession, was sold by Christies

1938 Apr 22 Appointed an Land Tax Commissioner for Northamptonshire

1939 Sep 7. To be 2nd Lts.: Sidney Earl BUCKLEY (99668).

1966 Apr 20 Died at Quarry House,Longborough, Gloucestershire, England