Lt Ignatius Hugh Cunningham

I H Cunningham

cunningham medal card

1897 Feb 16. Ignatius Hugh Cunningham, birth registered Sligo Vol: 2 Page : 283


1901 census living at 1 Montiagh, Achonry West, Sligo. Form H is a Barrack Return

1901 census

1911 census living at 9 Mill Street, Ballymote, Sligo. His father, James Cunningham is listed as living in barracks

1915 Dec His service number points to enlistment in Dec 1915, and I suspect in 10th Battalion RDF. 25375 Sgt Ignatius Cunningham,

1918 Jan 30 Commissioned. R. Dub. Fus. —Ignatius Cunningham.

1920 Feb 18. Quinlisk is shot by IRA in Cork as a spy. Quinlisk's body was found in a field outside Cork with 5 bullets to the forehead. 1 through the eye, one through the heart , one in his chest and one in his back. He has a Special Branch file. Apparently he was wearing a overcoat when shot which had been loaned to him by ex-lieutenant I H Cunningham of 48 Eccles, Dublin. Quinlisk's remains were taken to the County Union initially and interred in the Pauper's Cemetery, Carr's Hill. Some time later Timothy's father, Denis Joseph, claimed his remains and they were taken to either Waterford or Wexford.

The WO338 Index to Officers Long Number Service Papers has only one Cunningham with the intial I and that is for a 2nd Lt. Ignatius Cunningham, Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

1920 Apr 1. Relinquishes his commission

1924 Sep 24 . Ignatius H Cunningham Marriage at Clonmel Vol: 4 Page : 250

1939 Register A grocery provisions manager living in Ballater Rd, Brixham, London with wife Annie

1947 Oct/Dec The death of Ignatius H Cunningham (born c1896) was registered in Lambeth, Greater London (Vol 5c Page 1234).

Dublin Castle Intelligence

WO 374/17283 Lieutenant Ignatius CUNNINGHAM.