Lionel George Archer Cust

Lionel George Archer Cust, Col. Sir, C.B.E., 1896, 1962, Married. 1925, Margaret Violet Clowes, d 1988


1896 Apr/Jun Born London

eton scholarship

1909 Jul 14 Scholarship to Eton

eton 1915

1915 Feb 05 Capt of Oppidans at Eton

1916 Feb 13 HQ Brigade RFA , 2nd Lt L G A Cust seconded

1918 Apr. Lieutenant Lionel George Archer Cust, 85th Battery RFA, was captured in the Catacombs, Ploegsteert, in April 1918, and a limited run print of his journal, titled "From Ploegsteert to Graudenz: The Story of a Prisoner-of-War" appeared in 1919, privately published by the Eton College Printer.

1918 Dec 28. Class GG appointment as embarkation officer. In RA. Lt L G A Cust to be temp Capt


1919 May 2, relinquishes GG appointment

1920 Aug 21. Class HH special appointment

1925 Jul 16. Lionel George Archer Cust married Margaret Violet Louisa Clowes

1929 Oct 14. Death of his father.

fathers obit

1929 Nov 10 Palestine riots

palestine riots

1932 Oct 28 Appointed ADC to Sir Ronald Storrs in Northern Rhodesia

1939 Worked for SOE Special Operations Executive: Personnel Files (PF Series). Lionel George Archer CUST - born 06.06.1896.Collection: Records of Special Operations Executive. Reference:HS 9/385/2. Subjects:Intelligence

1959 Jan 1, Knoghted, Secretary General Royal Commonwealth Society

1962 May 12. Died Like so many who worked in Ireland 1920 & 1921, his service there is not mentioned