Henry Percy Garwood, RGA

Medals Auctioned in Jan 2016. Spink's link to Bloody Sunday is spurious and incorrect. Garwood was in Dublin but was almost certainly NOT the Lt Col in the brothel. He was DAQMG not an intelligence agent

1882 Apr 13. Born Pembrokeshire. His father, John, was 37 and his mother, Margaret, was 32. He had two brothers born in Meerut, West Bengal, India in 1872 and 1873. His parents married in Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales in 1871. His father was was in RE eventually rising to Lt Colonel

The family does not appear in any of the cenuses, and I assume were living abroad most of the time.

Educated Marlborough and RMA Woolich

1900 Apr 8 Commissioned

1902 Sep 29 Promoted Lt.

1904 Jul 21. Leaves UK for Ceylon. A Lieutenant

1913 Aug 18 Promoted Capt

1915 Dec 13. Promoted Major

1916 DAQMG with RA in Egypt Expeditionary Force. Historically each formation had a Deputy Quartermaster-General (DQMG), Assistant Quartermaster-General (AQMG) or Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General (DAQMG), depending on its size. He would be officer in charge of supplies

1917 Jul 21. MID

1917 Dec. Staff Officer Salonica

1918 Jan 1. DSO Gazetted "for distinguished service in the field"

1919 Jan 1. Promoted Brevet Lt Col

1919 Apr 2. From a GSO2 to AQMG in Constatinople

1919 Dec 1. Bt. Lt.-Col. H. P. Garwood, D.S.O., R.A., appointed DAQMG for Black Sea stationed in Alexandria and to relinquish the temp, rank of Lt.-Col.

1920 Jul 20 . Appointed DAQMG in Dublin

1929 Jan 1. Retires from the Army

1956 Jan 29. Died at Wimbledon. Obituary in Gunner, Mar 1956

2016 Jan. His medals auctioned



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