Alfred Robert Lucien Jameson


I have not got anything on him. It may not be his real name



1914 Aug . A later medical record shows :- Years of service: 1 year and 2 months which would have him serving from Aug 1914. He was commissioned on 6 May 1915 so may have been serving in the ranks from Aug 1914

Service in Command Area: 6 months which correlates with his Medal Card with him serving in Theatre from 4 May 1915 Medal Card shows he served with the 71st Divisional Train in the UK and later the 54th (East Anglian) Divisional Train as a Company Supply Officer

1915 May 6. Commissioned 2nd Lt in RASC. Division Unit of Supply Army Service Corps

1915 May 7 Landed in France

1915 Sep 27. admitted to Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital at Millbank with Calculus (kidney stone)

1915 Oct 11. (15 days under treatment) Transferred to Highgate Hospital


1916 Mar 3 .Temporary Second Lieutenants to Temporary Lieutenants A R L Jameson

1919 Oct 30 Temp.  Lt.  (actg.  Capt.) A.  R.  L. Jameson,    R.A.S.C.,  relinquishes  the  actg.  Rank of Capt.  on  alteration  in  posting 

1920 Jun 25 Class II Special Appointment

1920 Aug 19 Cl. II. —Temp. Lt. A. R. L. Jameson, R.A.S.C. (2 different dates in LG)

1920 Aug 20 The    undermentioned    relinquish    their appts.: — Cl.   II.—Temp.    Lt.    A.   R.   L.    Jameson, R.A.S.C.    21 Aug  1920

1920 Dec he is no longer on the Army List

1921 Jul 11. Medals issued Address used Valley Terrace, 254 Dartford Road, Dartford, Kent. But were returned as he was no longer at that address



His officer file is WO 339/554