Lashmer Gordon Whistler

1917 Sep 12 Commissioned 2nd Lt R Sussex Regt. Via Sandhurst

1919 Mar 12 . R. Suss. B.—2nd Lt. L. G. Whistler to be Lt.

Wikipedia gives In 1919, after the end of the Great War, Whistler remained in the army. He volunteered to join the Relief Force being sent to support the British Garrison at Archangel. He was posted to the 45th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers and saw some action on the River Dvina until its withdrawal when the White Russian army was defeated elsewhere. It was his recounting of many anecdotes about the Bolsheviks that gave rise to his nickname "Bolo". He was posted to the 1st Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment on 24 October 1919. Serving with the British Army of the Rhine, he found his company quartered in the same Ulrich Gasse barracks where he had been a prisoner of war in the previous year. However, on the last day of the year he was sent to Ireland as one of the replacements for fourteen British officers who had been murdered the previous November. He remained in Ireland for four years and then went as Acting Adjutant to the Regimental Depot at Chichester. Shortly afterwards, he was sent to Hong Kong to protect British interests during civil war in China. He qualified as Italian interpreter in 1928. He was appointed Adjutant of the 5th (Cinque Ports) Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment as a temporary captain on 1 May 1929,[7] this becoming a permanent rank on 30 September 1932. In 1933 he was posted to Karachi and then to Egypt at the time of Mussolini's Italian invasion of Ethiopia.[9] It took Whistler twenty one years after being commissioned to achieve the rank of major which he attained in August 1938. In 1938 he became Adjutant of the Royal Sussex Regiment and served in Palestine until the Second World War. He had not qualified for Staff College, and confided in his old Harrow and Sandhurst friend Reginald Dorman-Smith that he would end his military career in command of a battalion at most. With little prospect of advancement to higher command, Whistler had been seriously considering leaving the army for civilian life when the Second World War broke out.


1921 Mar 23 Serving in Dublin District "A" Branch

1921 Apr 1. Lt. L.. G. Whistler, Sussex R., whilst empld. as Intelligence Officer. Special Appointment Grade GG. In other words while most of old Military DD Intelligence men were moved out of the army on 1 Apr 1921 and on to Police control. Whistler stayed in the Army.

1921 Apr 18 Signs a letter as Lt L G Whistler, for Capt General Staff, Dublin District

1921 Apr - Jun Signing raids orders from GS (I) DD

1922 Mar 2. Spec. Appt., Gl. GG.—The notification in the Gazette of 2nd Mar. 1922, regarding the relinquishment of his temp. appt. by Lit. L. G. Whistler, R. Sussex Reg ., is cancelled.


1947 Mar Appointed to new role of Major General British Troops in India


Castle Intelligence