Military Propaganda, Ireland

battle of tralee

"Battle of Tralee"

Foulkes would appear to have been soon appointed above Marians as Director of Irish Propoganda at the start of May 1921. His duties involved the production and dissemination of British propaganda through Press channels, including compilation of leaflets aimed at Irish civilians and Sinn Fein members. He remained active in Ireland until the peace terms were published in December 1921.

Major Marians had been appointed by General Macready as military liason officer with the press in May 1921. Macready did not like or want Basil Clarke and his department, and wanted the military to have their own contact with the press. Marians was Head of the Press Section of the General Staff,

Charles Tower was the other man in this department, with a rank of Captain. Tower had been a journalist with Daily Mail during the war, and went back into journalism after he resigned here in Nov 1920, so was only at the most involved in Ireland from the setting up of the department in Apr 1920. . He had a good journalistic record prior to coming to Ireland.

Lt John Warwick Brooke was the Official Military Photographer attached to Military Propaganda in Dublin Castle. A distinguished pioneer of war photography, many of his photos are in archives recording life on the Western Front. What his part in the faking of photos is difficult to say, though the finger does point at him

This department issued the "daily report of outrages" to the press with the aim of neutralising critical press reports. in the Spring of 1920. These reports were carried almost exclusively by the right wing and Unionist press, so to a large extent were preaching to the converted.

It was only in May 1921 that the Military agreed to submit reports for publication by Marians, via Basil Clarke.

British Propaganda in Ireland