Police Propaganda - Ireland 1920 & 1921

Like the army, the police too want to put out their own spin on events

To this end they created an "Information Section of the Police Authority" which was manned by Press Officer Hugh Pollard and his assistant William Darling. This department came under Tudor who ran the police in Ireland.

They produced a paper called the “Weekly Summary” which was an official organ issued to police to encourage them in their fight against the IRA – first publication was 13th August 1920 and circulated to all police. The paper was too much of an exaggeration of events to be of any use anyone outside the police.

Pollard was also directly involved in 'black propaganda'. One was the attempt to produce and distribute a fake version of the Irish Bulletin, the gazette of the Irish Republicans.

Pollard did not like the Irish. In his 1922 book, The Secret Societies of Ireland: Their Rise and Progress, Pollard wrote on the IRA: "...there is nothing fine about a group of moral decadents leading a superstitious minority into an epidemic of murder and violent crime; yet this is what has happened of recent years in Ireland, it is what has happened time and time again in the past, and it will happen again in the future; for the Irish problem is a problem of the Irish race, and it is rooted in the racial characteristics of the people themselves."


British Propaganda, Dubin Castle