Edith Morgan Gellibrand

1864 Mar 16 Edith Morgan Gellibrand was born in Russia at: British Chaplaincy Arkhangel'sk

1883 From The Theatre "

At the Londesborough Theatre, Scarboro', on Shrove Tuesday, a capital company of amateurs played Byron's comedy " Weak Woman," and a musical burletta by T. H. Bayly, entitled " The Swiss Cottage." Evident pains had been bestowed upon rehearsal, and Mr. H. S. RiddeH, the stage-manager, is to be complimented on the successful result of his superintendence. Colonel Ouchterlony, wondrous as to attire and make- up, was an excellent Ginger, and created much laughter. But the most noteworthy feature of the evening was the acting of Miss Edith Gellibrand. This young lady is one of the best amateurs we have seen for a long time ; not only does she possess the natural advantages of a pretty face and sympathetic voice, but she knows how to move on the stage with freedom and grace ; both as Helen Gaythorne in the comedy, and as Lisette in the after-piece, she acted charmingly and looked lovely. Miss Lina Gellibrand was thoroughly satisfactory as Lilian Gaythorne, and she and her sister, Miss Edith Gellibrand, may be said to have divided the honours of the evening between them. Conspicuous in the company was Mr. Claude Ponsonby, of whom I have often had occasion to speak so favourably. He is one of the best light comedians I have seen on the amateur stage for many a long year. The theatre was crowded with an appreciative audience.

1887 Mar 24. He married Edith Morgan Gellibrand at St Margaret's Westminster.

She was an actress who performed under the stage name Edith Chester. She is the "witty and amiable" daughter of the former Advocate General of Madras. The 1891 census gives her as born in Russia There were 2 children by the marriage

golden stairs edith chester edith chester
The Golden Stairs
Edith Chester

1887 Frank Carew develops Northwood Station and surrounding area. Northwood Station. Roads were named after him and members of his family. From 1887 on, the modern Northwood developed. One of the first promoters was Mr Frank Murray Maxwell Hallowell Carew (1866-1943) and his sons Reginald and Roy. But for a difference this gentleman had with his wife, Dene Road would still be named Edith Road.

1888 From a New Theatre Company book " A Miss Leslie Chester, who was here with the Yokes Company last season, attracted much attention by her beauty. Her real name was Miss Edith Gellibrand, and she has recently married, in England, a Mr. Hallowell Carew. She adopted the theatrical profession against the wishes of her family, which occupy a prominent position, one of her grandfathers having been Judge Advocate and the other Sheriff.

1891 census, his wife Edith, is at 28 Addison Mansions, Hammersmith (only his wife in the census, and she born Russia) with her sister. But he is not there

1892 Feb 8 decree nisi for the dissolution of the marriage on the grounds of cruelty and his adultery with Mrs A Seymour. She described him as a man "of loose pursuits, who favoured the companionship of prizefighters, frequenters of racecourses and loose ladies who indulged in the midnight amusements of dancing saloons".

The Queen's Proctor filled up the cup of his iniquities by finally bringing a charge of misconduct against Miss Edith Chester herself after the decree was granted. A Thames house boat called Ye Marye was brought on the scene, and two servants swear that they had seen Miss Edith Chester and a new character, Mr. Loftus Earle, sitting close to each other, on terms of theatrical friendship. This was too much for the judge and the special jury. They restrained themselves sufficiently to allow Miss Edith Chester to enter the witness-box to bewitch the whole Court, counsel, solicitors, and reporters included, and to deny everything. Then Mr. Justice Barnes and the special jury simply looked at Montague Crackentnorpe, who was for the Queen's Proctor, as much as to ask whether he wasn't ashamed of himself ; Montague Crackenthorpe was ashamed of himself, and at once withdrew all his charges in the handsomest manner. They say that Edith Chester's idea is to get married again. Loftus Earle, by the way, figured in the Clancarty divorce case. It was he who indignantly denounced "Marmy" Wood for mentioning at the Lyric bar that he and Lord Danlo had tossed a coin, heads or tails, for the right to marry Miss Bilton. A much more sensible plan, of course than fighting a duel about her.

Interestingly she does marry Loftus Earle in 1894, but appears to have reverted to Hallowell Carew by the time that she dies.

1894 Jan 17. Married at Register Office St George Hanover Square London UK to Loftus Earle. A Loftus William Earle married Edythe Georgina Rickards in 1904, and he died aged in 1949 at Windsor aged 83

1894 Nov 19. Edith Morgan Earle death registered Kensington, Greater London, London, Middlesex of Typhoid

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Times of Tuesday, Nov 13, 1894;



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