Lt Robert Dyne Jeune


Capt Jeune returned from duty to his lodgings at 28 Pembroke Sttreet, to find the house resembling an abbatoir. His own account (in British Voices) says that he served in intelligence in Ireland . Maj Dowling, who died in the house, was the man who was to relieve him on duty.

1892 Feb 29 Born son of Evan Bronwell Jeune and lived at the family seat of Whaddon Manor, Gloucestershire. He was born in Barnstaple.

EVAN BROWELL JEUNE, Esq., J. P. D.L co. Glos., Col. late Devon R.G.A. , b. 1852, being the youngest son of the late Right Reverend Francis Jeune, Lord Bishop of Peterborough, by his wife Margaret Dyne, only child of Henry Symons of Axbridge. Married, firstly, February 21, 1878, Caroline Mary, eldest daughter of P. Lawless of Booubyjan, Queensland ; secondly, Ada Medland, eldest daughter of Robeit Lock-Roe, Enquire, Justice of the Peace, of The Manor House, Lynmouth ; and has had issue — (1) Robert Dyne Jeune, Gentleman, late Northants. Regt., b. Feb. 29, 1892; (2) Hugo St. Helier Jeune, b. Jan. 7, 1894; d. on active service 1917; and Caroline Margaret Noel \m. 1st, 1909, Richard Grainger Nash of Finnstown, co. Dublin (d. 1914) ; 2nd, Rev. C. Follis, Canon of Kildare (d. 1925)]. Post. add. — Whaddon Manor, Gloucestershire. Club — Junior Carlton.

1901 census - not in census

1911 census

1914 Sep 8. North'n Regt. Temp. 2nd Lt. E. D. Jeune, from Gen. List, to be temp. 2nd Lt. 7 Jan. 1918, with seniority 8 Sept. 1914. Gazette

1914 Nov 22, landed in France as an interpreter with 1st Indian Cavalry Division and served in this position until Sep 1915.

1915 Oct. Commanded 94th Trench Mortar Company, see service in Battle of the Somme.

1916 Aug 27 The undermentioned relinquish the acting rank of Lt. on ceasing to be empld. as 2nd in Comd. of Trench Mortar Batts.: — Temp. 2nd Lt. B. D. Jeune. Gazette

1917 Jun 10. To be acting Capt. Whilst commanding 24th Trench Mortar Battery: Temp. 2nd Lt. R. D. Jeune at Ypres salient.. Gazette

1917 Jul 1. North'n Regt Temp. 2nd Lt. R. D. Jeune to be temp Lt. .Gazette

1917 July 31.To relinquish the actg. rank of Capt. on ceasing to comd. 24th Trench Mortar Batt.: Temp. Lt. R. D. Jeune. Gazette

1917 Dec 14 Mentioned in Dispatches under Special List

1918 Sep 1. Special Appointments Class. HH. Temp. Lt. R. D. Jeune, attd. North'n Regt., and to be transferred. to Gen. List. Gazette

1919 Jan 23. The undermentioned temp. Lts. relinquish their commns. and retain the rank of Lt.: R. D. Jeune, on account of ill-health. Gazette

1919 Jan 1920 part of the British Military Mission to Poland. And appears to have been in Poland until he was sent to Ireland

special appointment

1920 Jun 2 Temp-. Lt. R. D. Jeune, Gen. List. Special Appointments Class II, Gazette on same group of special appointments as Bennett , and White and Brown

1920 he says in "British Voices" that after a course of instruction at Houslow in ealy summer of 1920, he and others were sent to form the "improvised" intelligence organisation in Ireland.. Initially they posed as RE officers, but this "futile" guise was soon dropped and their work was to get to know Dublin, tail suspects and carry out small raids in order to gather intelligence. For example he says he burgled Arthur Griffiths house at night and removed documents unobserved. He took part in and describes the raid in which Prof Carolan was shot. Phil Attwood was in charge at this raid, and Jeune came under his command

1920 Nov 20. In the evening Jeune took part in a search of the railway yards at Inchicore. After several hours they found no ammunition, and slept in some of the railway carriages in the yard. When he woke, he phoned Dublin Castle, who informed him of the raids. And when the returned to Pembroke St, where he shared a flat with Murray, he found a very "distressing scene" .

Murray had been taken to hospital. But the body of his "friend Chummy Dowling" was lying full length on the floor. He was dressed in uniform and had been shot through the heart. Dowling was due to relieve Jeune. .

After this he was shut up in a hotel under guard, and was unable to get any work done. At about the New Year he applied for leave, and went back to England. He mentions two other men "part of our show", Jeffries and Cameron, a staff officer, who told him they had been instructed to set up a "proper" intelligence operation in Ireland, which they did and claimed was very successful. This in fact refers to the Hounslow Spy School

1921 Jan A large number of the Secret Service Special Appointment men were on a raid . I assume that this list should not have been included in the archives.

P Attwood, RD Jeune, W Turner-Coles, EEJ Shiner, PA Mules, V de Sarigny, RH Leigh Bennett, GT Sugden, RM Debney

1921 Feb 28 Temp. Lt. R. D. Jeune, relinquishes his commission ceasing to be employed, and retains the rank of Lt.

1934 Jul/Sep Robert Dyne Jeune marries Gladys Pretoria Herring at Marylebone

1938 in phone book at Lower Close, Quenington, Fairford, Coln St Aldwyns

1938 Jun 13. Arrives back in England on the Dunnottar Castle from Madeira. Travelling 1st class with his wife Gladys Pretoria Jeune, he records his profession as Army Reserve.

1940 Feb 20. Hugo F St.Helier Jeune born Amersham to mother Hind

1940 Jul 15. Intelligence Corps. Lt R D Jeune (46205), f rom Gen. List (Reserve of Officers), to be Lt. I5th July 1940, retaining his present seniority.

1945 Aug 17. Intelligence Corps. Lt. R. D. Jeune (46205), having exceeded the age limit of liability to recall, ceases to belong to the Res. of Officers., and is granted the hon. rank of Capt.

1950 to 1971 in phone book at Cade House, Cade St, Heathfield

rms Alcantara

1954 Jan 17 Arrived at Southampton from Madeira, on the Alcantara, he is aged 61 and a farmer. There is an Mrs Alexandra Jeune (St Helier, aged 54) and Hugo Francis Jeune (aged 13) on the boat, and giving the same Heathfield address.

1955 Jan 14 Arrived in Southhampton from Madeira on Edinburgh Castle with Alexandra Jeune (b. 24 Feb 1905) and Hugo F Jeune (b. 24 Feb 1940). All of the same address at Heathfield. He is a farmer.

1973 to 1984 in phone book at 2 Holbrook Close, Staveley Rd, Eastbourne.

1984 His wife Alexandra died at Eastbourne

1985 May 8 Died at Eastbourne, Sussex

1985 May 10 Death notice published in the Times. It only mentions "father of Hugo", and not a wife

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