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28 Upper Pembroke Street was where Capt Keenlyside of the Lancashire Fusiliers and his wife lived. Captain Keenlyside was fired at as he came downstairs. He appeared to have taken unawares the raiders who were in the hall. They shot him but he recovered, and continued to serve until 1928

1889 Jan/Mar Brian Christopher H Keenlyside born Chertsey, Surrey vol 2a, p 38. The son of Francis Headlam Keenlyside of Surbiton, Surrey, Barrister at Law (1838-1895) and Mary Ann Hales Wilkie

1891 census

1891 Living at Gallylaw, St Georges Av, Weybridge with his family.

1895 his father died

1901 At New Rd Sanitorium, Bradfield, Berks, There are about a dozen boys there, all described as "public schoolboy" so nust be part of Bradfield school, and one can deduce that was where he received his secdonary education.

1910 Aug 9 The Lancashire Fusiliers, Second Lieutenants to be Lieutenant:— Brian C. H. Keenlyside, vice H. D. Grimke-Drayton, deceased. . Gazette

1911 census

1911 census. Lt Brian Christopher Headlam Keenlyside, age 22, born Weybridge Surrey. With 1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers at Multan, Punjab, India

1916 Apr 16 & 17. 20th battalion Lancashire Fusiliers War Diary. They were involved in a small scale attack near Villecholles, 50 yards W. of the Berthacourt to Fresnoy Rd. The following Officers and Other Ranks were mentioned by the Commanding Officer as having carried out their work remarkably well...... Captains B.C.H. Keenlyside

1917 Aug 3 Lancashire Fusiliers. Capt. B. C. H. Keenlyside to be acting. Major while 2nd in command. of a Battalion Gazette

1918 Mar 31 Lancashire Fusiliers Capt. (actg. Maj.) B. C. H. Keenlyside to be temp. Major. Gazette

1918 Oct 30. MC citation. Capt. (A./Maj.) Brian Christopher Headlam Keenlyside, Lancashire Fusiliers., attached. 19th Bn., Dur. L.I. He commanded his battalion during a most difficult manoeuvre on the night of 30th/31st October, 1918, involving the capture of Rugge-Waermaerde-Tenhove-Kerk Siove. Though wounded, 'he continued .to advance with his battalion., until the .final objective was readied—a distance of about 5,000 yards. He did not (hand over command' of this battalion until 11 a.m., in the neighbourhood of Krubstraat. He showed great courage and devotion to duty. Gazette

1918 Nov 9. Durham Light Infantry. Capt.(actg. Maj.) B. C. H. Keenlyside (Lan. Fus.) to be actg. Lt.-Col. while comdg. a Bn. Gazette

1919 Jul 26 Lancashire Fusiliers, Capt. B. C. H. Keenlyside, M.C., relinquishes the temp, rank of Major. on ceasing to be employed. with a Service Battalion. Gazette

1919 Oct/Dec married to Rhona E G Condon at Kensington vol 1a, p 441

1920 Nov 21. Living at Pemboke Street, Dublin, with his wife. He had reverted to a Regular officer in the Lancashire Fusiliers after being seconded to other regiments in WW1. As Capt Keenlyside was about to be shot, a struggle ensued between his wife and Mick O'Hanlon. The leader of the unit, Flanagan, arrived, pushed Mrs. Keenlyside out of the way and shot her husband. The executioners were all young men and most of them didn’t find their work easy. Mick O’Hanlon, recalled, “When we got in we found our man had a girl and that he was covering the door and the landing …none of us fired as she was in bed with him and she covered him with her arms…But this moment soon passed. Following the hesitation O’Hanlon notes simply, "Flanagan shot him.” Capt Keenlyside was wounded in the arm., but was not killed

1921 Apr 4. Charles Mathew Fulton, Deceased. " Notice is hereby given, that all creditors having any claims against the estate of Charles Mathew Fulton, late of Risalpnr, India, a Captain in His Majesty's Indian Army (who died on the 23rd day of July, 1920, and letters of administration of whose estate were granted out of the Principal Probate Registry on the 23rd day of February, 1921, to Edward Osborn Lauderdale, of 85, London Wall, E.G., Solicitor, the lawful attorney of Brian Christopher Headlam Keenlyside, a creditor of the said deceased), are hereby required to send particulars, in writing, of their claims on or before the 8th day of May, 1921, after which date the said administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto"

1921 Apr/JunThe only child of the marriage on the registers is born Julien B H Keenlyside at Kensington vol1a, p149a

1922 May 7. Lancashire Fusiliers.—Maj. B. C. H. Keenlyside, M.C., ret. pay, to be Maj., 10th Feb. 1928, with seniority 7th May 1922.

1922 May 21. Lancashire Fusiliers Capt. B C H. Keenlyside, M.C., is placed on the h.p. list on. account of- illhealth. Gazette

1923 Jul 25 Lancashire Fusiliers Capt. B C H. Keenlyside, M.C. from the h.p list, to be Capt. 25th July 1923, with precedence next below T. Slingsby. Gazette

1924 Apr 28 Lancashire Fusiliers Capt. B C H. Keenlyside, M.C. to be Maj. Gazette

1928 Feb 10.Lancashire Fusiliers.—Maj. B. C. H. Keenlyside, M C., retires on retired pay.

1941 Oct/Dec died at Colchester vol 4a, p 1234 aged 52

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