Lt Randolph George Murray


At 28, Upper Pembroke Street, a sixth officer, Lt Randolph. Murray, of the Royal Scots, was also wounded as he descended the stairs. He appears to have been an Intelligence Officer, but was not on the list of men to be killed. His shooting appears to have been because he was in the house when the assassins called.

1897 Jan 23. born in Scotland in the Cramond District of Edinburgh. His father was a Managing Clerk at a Law Firm

1901 census shows him with his family at 20 Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh

1911 census for Scotland is not yet released

Enlisted as a private in 1/4 battalion Royal Scots, a territorial battalion. 1/5 Royal Scots. August 1914: in Forrest Hill, Edinburgh. Part of Lothian Brigade, Scottish Coast Defences. 11 March 1915 : transferred to 88th Brigade, 29th Division at Leamington Spa.

1915 Mar 20. Sailed from Avonmouth , going via Egypt to Gallipoli 25 April 1915

1915 Apr 25 landed with 5/6 Royal Scots in Gallipoli

.1916 Jan 7. returned to Egypt

1916 Mar 10. Moved to France, landing at Marseilles, 10 March 1916

1915 June 15 : amalgamated with 1/6th to become 5/6th Battalion.

1916 April 24 : transferred to Lines of Communication.

1916 July 2 : transferred to 14th Brigade, 32nd Division.

1917 July 1. 2nd Lt. R. G. Murray to be Lt., next above Lt. C. H. Robilliard. Gazette

1917 Aug 20. Lieut. Randolph George Murray, Royal Scots. 12th May 1918, but to rank from 20th Aug. 1917. Gazette

1918 Apr 10. Royal Scots. Lt. R. G. Murray is seconded for service with Indian Army in the rank of Lt. (on probation). Gazette This was with 130th Baluchis who became part of the Indianised 60th Division on 26 June 1918 in Jordan. The fought The Battles of Megiddo (specifically the Battle of Sharon, 19-21 September 1918). The Battle of Megiddo from 19 September to 1 October 1918, and its subsequent exploitation, was the culminating victory in British General Edmund Allenby's conquest of Palestine during World War I. British Empire forces made a massive push into the Jezreel Valley from the west, through the Carmel Ridge, then engulfed the Ottoman forces in the valley and on the River Jordan. When he was made a viscount, Allenby took the name of this battle as his title, becoming the First Viscount Allenby of Megiddo. Allenby's operations succeeded at very little cost, in contrast to many offensives during the First World War, and were widely praised. The British made significant use of both cavalry and aircraft, a historically rare combination.

1918 Application for permanent commission in Indian army - Murray, Randolph George  IOR/L/MIL/9/505/25-42  [no date]. This application must have been rejected or withdrawn.

1919 Mar 12. Lt. R. G. Murray is restored to the establishment. 5th battalion Royal Scots Gazette

1919 Jun 11. Class HH. Lt. R. G. Murray, 5th R. Scots, T.F Gazette

1920 May 22 Special Appointment Class HH. Lt. R. G. Murray, 5th R. Scots, T.F. Gazette

1920 May 22 recorded as having a home address of 20 Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh

1920 Jun 17 Appointed. CL II. Temp. Capt. L. Price, M.C, Serv. Bn., Midd'x Regt. and Lt.R.G. Murray, 5th Royal Scots, T.F on the same group of only 2 men Gazette . It would appear that if Price was Intellegence, then Murray was too.

1920 Nov 21. Lt Murray had rooms on the ground floor of 28 Pembroke St when the IRA raided the house. Lt Murray was held in the hall on the ground floor. The IRA men fired at him as they left, but did not kill him. I have the impression that he was not on their "hit list" as they were only apparently after Dowling and Price on the top floor. He was badly wounded

1922 Jan 1. 4/5th Bn., B. Scots The undermentioned officers are appointed to the unit, and retain their rank and precedence. Lt R G Murray Gazette

1923 July 4. 4/5th Bn. The Royal Scots.— Lt. R. G. Murray, from Active List to be Lt. Gazette

1938 Oct 27. died Edinburgh . (His brother Andrew Hunter Arbuthnot Murray was born in 1903, and later was Lord Provost of Edinburgh)


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