Charles Ratsch Peel/Carl Ratsch


1885 Oct 26 He was born in Bournemoth and named Carl Francis Samuel Ratsch reg Christchurch Vol 2b p662. son of Hermann Ratsch, later described by Peel as "a naturalised German Pole"

1891 ratsch census

1891 census, his parents are living at Vernlam Lodge, Yelverton Rd, Holdenhurst, Bournemouth, Hants. The rest of the family is there, but Carl is missing

1901 census

1897 Naturalised

1901 census. Carl Ratsch living with his parents at 1 Albert Rd, Bournemouth. His father Herrmann Ratsch is a Flower Nurseryman born at Breslau, Germany and now a naturalised British subject. Brealau, today part of Poland and lives under the name Wroclaw, was part of Prussia. The Unification of Germany in 1871 turned Breslau into the sixth-largest city in the German Empire. Its population more than tripled to over half a million between 1860 and 1910.

1905 Jan/Mar His father Hermann Heinrich C Ratsch died at Bournemoth aged 53.

1908 Jan/Mar His mother re-marries to John Joseph Peel in Holborn. London

1908 Jun 18 Enlists an an Ordinary Seaman and serves 8 months, followed by 4 years in reserves.

1911 census Ratsch Peel

1911 census. His mother Sarah Jane has remarried to John Peel, a commercial traveller. Carl Ratsch is 25 years old, and an engineer working for the gas company, which is presumably why he did not join up immediately

1915 Mar 23 re-enrolled as seaman in Royal Naval Division. Height 5ft 5in, light brown hair, grey eyes. His service record

1915 Jun 29. Promoted Leading Seaman

1915Sep on CMI's staff as Musketry Instructor at C.P. Depot

1915 Oct 4. Promoted to Petty Officer

1915 Dec 22 tranferred to 7th Reserve Battalion at Blandford. There followed spells with 7th, 2nd and 4th reserve Battalions, all at Blandford

1916 Apr-May-Jun Charles Ratsch Peel marries at St Phillips Church, Clerkenwell, by Licence, to Ada E Bradshaw. The marriage entry shows him as Ratsch-Peel. He has changed his name from Carl Ratsch because of the German overtones - like Battenbergs for example - to a more socially and politically acceptable Charles Peel. This shows he was a Quarter Master Sergeant in Royal Naval Division when he married. WHich is why he does not appear in Army records before his commissioning in 1917 into the army.

1917 May 22 On command of OTC garrison Officer Cadet Battalion, Jesus College, Cambridge.

1917 Jul 15 Charles Ratsch Peel assigned to Labour Corps Gazette . He was a cadet, gazetted to be temp 2nd Lts.

1918 Mar 18. Joined LCB depot

1918 Mar 16. Posted to No 3. POW Coy

1918 Mar 15. Posted No 16 POW Coy

1918 Aug 17. Leave to UK 14 days

1918 Sep 6. Posted 220 POW Coy

1919 Jan 1. Starts 1 months probation with RAOC in Calais

1919 Jan 31. Leave to UK

1919 Feb 2. Joins RAOC

1920 May 6. Relinquishes his commission

1920 mar 19. A child Kathleen Marcelle Peel born to him in Calais, Aquitaine, France

1920 Aug 6 Lt. C. R. Peel, late Lab. Corps, to be temp. Lt. whilst specially employed. Gazette . This is described as a re-commissioning in his file

special appointment

1920 Aug 10. Reports to Capt Harper Shove at Hounslow Depot for spy training.

1920 Nov 21. .Lt C R Peel lived at 22 Lower Mount Street where Angliss was murdered. But he escaped death by barracading himself in his room. The shots through the door missed him.

Hansard report says The maid opened the door, twenty men rushed in (the IRA say 11 men), and demanded to know the bedrooms of Mr. Mahon (Angliss) and Mr. Peel. Mr. Mahon's room was pointed out. They entered, and five shots were fired immediately at a few inches range. Mr. Mahon was killed. At the same time others attempted to enter Mr. Peel's room. The door was locked. Seventeen shots were fired through the panels. Mr. Peel escaped uninjured. Meanwhile another servant, hearing the shots, shouted from an upper window to a party of officers of the Auxiliary Division who had left Beggars Bush Barracks to catch an early train southward for duty

Holford Place

Holford Place bombed out of existence in WW2

His Medal Card shows an address of Holford Place, Percy Circus, London WC1 on correspondence over his medals.

1921 Jan 15 The date of the relinquishment of his commn. by temp. Lt. C. R. Peel is 15th Jan. 1921 Gazette, and not as in the Gazette of 20th Jan. 1921. At this date he is living at 6 Nottingham Terrace, Marylebone Rd, London

1923 Jan/Mar Daughter born Doreen A Peel and registered at Marylebone (mother given as Bradshaw) And this is the only child registered in England. to this couple. She married John B Flowers in 1944 in Hampstead. And Died 07/12/2017 • Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA

1924. He appears to have re-entered the army in 1924 from his service record

1930 Leaves UK for Cape Town. He is a Civil Servant intending to live in South Africa

1939 Register.Living at Fellows Rd, Hampstead with wife Ada. He is London County Council Registration Officer

1966 Died Islington aged 80

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