Death of Councillor John Aloysius Lynch from Kilmallock, Co Limerick on 23 Sep 1920

Let us detail what happened British Inquiry report here

Collins believed that many of the British officers that were later killed on ‘Bloody Sunday’ shot John Lynch from Kilmallock, County Limerick in the Exchange Hotel in Dublin. Lynch was the local Sinn Fein organiser of a loan and was in Dublin to hand over £23,000 in subscriptions to Collins. Altogether £370,163 was raised in the loan effort in Ireland by September 1920 when it closed down.

It is nott possible to know who the 12 men on the raiding party were, Harper Shove says he supplied 10 agents who remained downstairs and that it was the RIC men who made the arrest and shot Lynch.but it would appear that the party included


Incidents involving British Intelligence in Dublin