Denis Begley

Present at shootong Of Angliss in Lower Mount Street

After a brief exchange of fire, in which Teeling was captured, all the rest escaped from Lower Mount Street, but not before Tom Keogh stopped to make a date with one of the maids. Denis Begley’s account was a little different from Mr C’s. C. was after all considered a ‘drunkard and a coward if not worse… suffering from shell-shock and neurasthenia ’. There was talk of an illegitimate child with the maid downstairs. Begley’s version was much simpler. Tom Keogh uttered ‘Carry on lads ’ and McMahon was shot dead.

Tom Keogh, Jim Slattery, Frank Teeling, Denis Begley, and Andy Monaghan went into 22 Lower Mount Street looking for Lieutenant H. McMahon.81 They found the man, whose real name was Angliss, in bed with the man who became the inquest’s relatively notorious ‘Mr C’.