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Edward J Byrne (1st cousin of my grandmother) was born in 1900 in New York though his parents returned to Ireland very soon after his birth, he died "sudden" on 14 Jan 1922 in Boydke, County Clare. He is buried in the Republican Plot in Glasnevin Cemetery (shares burrial plot with Peadar Clancy & Richard McKee shot Bloody Sunday - 21 Nov 1920).

Freemans Journal, 17 Jan 1922:- Fought in GPO at Age of Fifteen "Amid many manifestations of sorrow, the funeral took place yesterday to Glasnevin Cemetery of Lieut. Edward Byrne (21), of the Guards Company of the IRA, Dublin. Deceased who was a late member of "B" Company, 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade, belonged to Bodyke, Co. Clare where his death took place. As a soldier he had a remarkably record for bravery and good service. At age of 15 he fought in the GPO and was one of the reargaurd leaving with The O'Rahilly when the later was killed. During the late war he again saw service in Dublin and took part in the capture of the armoured car and the subsequent attempt to enter Mountjoy Prision. The late Lieut. Byrne was also one of the party who carried out the firing of the Custom House, escaping from it with Sean Doyle, his wounded comrade".

It goes on to describe his removal from Clare back to his home church in Fairview with officers of the 1st Western Division, 300 members of the IRA and members of his old company The Guards. The coffin was covered with the tri-color and amongst the wreaths were wreaths from Mr. Michael Collins TD, Alderman S. McGarry TD and officers of the 1st Division

"When the grave had been closed and the last prayers recited a party of volunteers in uniform advanced and fired three volleys over the remains. The last post was sounded and the the detachment of volunteers then marched past paying the last military tribute to the deceased fellow soldier and officer.

I believe my ancestor Edward was the Ed Byrne alluded to in the references to Collins Squad and would love to hear from anyone who can share more info from documents they have seen or research they have done

IRA men involved in the Squad

Here's an extract from Pat McCrea's WS413
I was mobilized for 35 Lr Gardiner St together with the remainder of the Transport men. It was between 8 and 9 o'clock when I arrived there and received instructions from Dick McKee and Peadar Clancy. They were together in the hall. I was told what was to take place on Sunday morning, each car with two drivers was allocated a certain street or area. I was told to assist the unit that was operating at 28 Lr. Baggot St. As well as I remember, the men on that job were a couple of members of the squad - p. Griffin, Eddie Byrne and Mick Fleming. Mick Fleming was in the army later.

The British agent in Baggot St., listed for elimination was, as far as I know, Captain Baggally, who was believed to have been one of Kevin Barry's torturers. On that Sunday morning I left home about 7.30 o'clock and made my way to the dump in North Great Charles St. I met the remainder of the men there - at least some of them. We collected our guns and got out the car. We timed ourselves to be in Baggot St. about five minutes to 9 o'clock. We arrived there up to time - I think it was two or three minutes to p - and within three minutes another man, who was on the job, turned up. We parked the car a little to the rear of the house on the opposite side of the street. when our men arrived there was no delay, as arranged. Three or four men entered the house, leaving one man on each side of the building outside as a guard for the men who had actually gone into the house. They had particulars of the agent's bedroom. When the room was entered he tried to escape through the window, but before he reached the window he was put out of action. The job was completed in the space of a few minutes. We got away without incident. We left Baggot St and we came down Merrion square and Westland row. When we came into Merrion square we picked up a few men coming off the Mount St. job - one was Herbert Conroy. We arrived back at the dump without any interference from anybody. We replaced the car and dumped our guns. Headquarters that morning was at 6 North Richmond St - Byrnes - in case of casualties, and for the purpose of making our reports. I think we were about the first unit to arrive there. After a time the other units came in. Sean Russell was there. I think he was quartermaster of the Dublin Brigade at that time.