James Conroy

Listed as a member of the Squad. I have not tracked down what he was doing on Bloody Sunday. The Fitzsimons WS indicates there was an abortive raid at 54 or 84 Lower Baggot St

Oct 31st 1923 Bernard and brother Samuel Goldberg were attacked at 95 Stephens Green. 3 men approached. Samuel was attacked but managed to run and shots were fired. His brother was killed. The National Army was said to have been seen in the area but wearing non uniform caps. November 14th there was an attack on Emanuel Kahan and David Miller on Stamer Street. Emanuel Kahan was killed. Police than started to suspect Ralph Laffan and James Conroy as present at one of the killings. Ralph Laffan was arrested and he claimed Conroy and Laffan's brother Fredrick were involved and that Ralph was only giving them a lift Conroy and Fredrick Laffan manage to have time to flee to Tampico Mexico. March 1925 due to insufficient evidence Ralph Laffan was found not guilty. He was released on bail, fled to join the others in Mexico. David Neligan was Chief Superintendent in charge of the investigation. (Ralph Laffan had asked to make his statement to him) He pretended to not know Conroy and Laffan well as old comrades. But It seems he was likely to have been the reason they had time to flee.

A WS by Christopher Fitzsimons, F Coy 2nd Battalion says he was in an abortive raid on Lower Baggott St, he cannot remember the number, it was 84 or 54 he thinks. They knocked on the door, the maid let them in, but their man was not there, and they left without shooting. And involved were


IRA men