Leo Dunne

28 Upper Pembroke St

Mrs Woodcock says . I was standing at my bedroom window struggling with the cuff of my blouse, when I saw a man get over the garden wall.(this was Leo Dunne whose job was to cover the back door) I watched him idly; in spite of five months in Dublin and constant alarms and excitements I felt no fear,and not much anxiety.I thought he had come to see one of the maids. But directly I saw him take a revolver out of his pocket my fears were aroused, and I rushed to the door, and shouted to my husband,who had left the room a few minutes before. It is a bitter thought now that if I had raised the alarm directly I saw the man get over the wall I might have roused some of the other officers, though I believe from the evidence collected that it is fairly clear that several of the murderers were already in the house when this man got into the garden. Their organisation was perfect.

IRA men involved