Michael Joseph Lawless


W.S.No.727 by Michael Joseph Lawless, member of E.Co.2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade.
As regards the operations of Bloody Sunday 21st.Nov.1920, I was ordered to report at the Painters Hall, Gloucester Street, ( as it was then ) on the Saturday night 20-11-20 by my Company Officer, B.Byrne. There I met a few other men and we received orders from somebody of G.H.Q ( I cannot remember whom ).The orders were to be at Dunlop House, afterwards Oriel House ( corner of Westland Row and Merrion Row )

Oon the following Sunday morning at 9 o,clock. Myself and Johnny McDonnell ( brother of Paddy McDonnell, very well known G.A.A.footballer of the period- St.Laurence O'Toole Club ) and Willie Maher, as we lived near one another, arrived there together and met there Herbert Conroy and Sean Daly ( London Irish-Kimmage pre 16- later E.Company 2nd Battalion brother of Liam Daly of Old Dublin Brigade Association ).Tom Ennis then arrived. We were all E company members. Ennis was in charge. He told us what the job was........-UN-QUOTE, it then goes into further detail and very interesting it is.


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