Andy Monaghan

Present at shooting Of Angliss in Lower Mount Street

Tom Keogh, Jim Slattery, Frank Teeling, Denis Begley, and Andy Monaghan
went into 22 Lower Mount Street looking for Lieutenant H. McMahon.81 They
found the man, whose real name was Angliss, in bed with the man who became
the inquest’s relatively notorious ‘Mr C’. He testified at Teeling’s court-martial
I was awakened about 9 a.m. by someone shouting ‘Hands up’ when I opened my eyes
I saw five men standing at the end of my bed covering me with revolvers. One of the men
who appeared to be acting as leader gave the order to keep McMahon and myself covered
and he proceeded to search the room. He picked up a civilian coat belonging to McMahon
and said ‘ is this your coat McMahon’, McMahon said ‘No.’ He then put his hand in the
inside pocket, took out a wallet and said ‘You’re a damned liar ’ and put the wallet in his
pocket. He then said ‘where are your guns Mac’. McMahon said ‘look here we are two
R[oman] C[atholic]s but the guns are in that bag’. The man then walked over to the bag
which was lying in a corner of the room, lifted it on to the table and burst the locks off
with his hands and took out three revolvers. They were one service Colt, one Webly-Scott
Automatic and one .32 automatic. He put them in his pockets. I then heard firing which
seemed to come from the street and I heard a noise as if someone was trying to smash in
the front door. A man’s voice on the landing then shouted ‘are you all right there boys.
They’re surrounding the house.’ The five men in the room then turned as if to rush out,
they went a little way down the room then halted and the man who had been doing the
searching raised his revolver – pointed it at the bed and fired. I saw McMahon raise his
arm to cover his face and at the same time I threw myself out of the bed on to the floor
practically simultaneously I heard other shots ring out from the other men in the room
and they all rushed out of the room.82
McMahon was shot three times in the chest and once in the buttock.83 The officer
in the next room barricaded his door. Seventeen shots failed to penetrate it