Lt Harold Alban Davies MBE, MC

1895 Jul/Sep Born Swansea

1901 census at Bleak House, Middle Road, Cockett, Middle Road Gendros Forestfach

1911 census at St John's Foundation School For The Sons Of Poor Clergy Of The Church Of England, Epsom.

1916 Mar 17 Lands in Mesopotamia

1917 Mar 24. R.W. Fus. Temp. Lt. H. A. Davies to be actg. Capt. whilst comdg. a Co.

1917 Aug 25. Gazetted MC. T./Capt. Harold Alban Davies, R. W. Fus

1917 Feb 4. R W Fus. Temp. Lt. (actg. Capt.) H. A. Davies to be temp.

1917 Jul 1. 2nd Lt to be Lt. R.W. Fus.—H.. A. Davies .M.C., but not to reckon for pay or allowances prior to 15th Mar. 1918

1918 Apr 29 . Our battalion moved at 1.30 a.m., in advance of the main body, with instructions to reconnoitre the enemy positions astride the Tuz-Kifri road, and if they were found to be held to occupy the high ridge to the east, turn the enemy position, and eventually cross the Aq Su. In this they would be supported by the main body, which marched at 3 a.m. Colonel Gambier-Parry had with him the 26th Mountain Battery (less two sections) and one section of the 40th Machine-gun Company.

D Company, under Captain H. A. Davies, was detailed as the advance guard to the march forward. Proceeding along the line of the road a few shots were fired at 3.20 a.m. A Company, under Captain Bowen- Jones, was sent forward to support Captain Davies, while patrols ascertained the strength of the enemy. The battalion halted on the road.

It was soon discovered that the advance guard was in touch with the trenches across the road, and that the enemy held them in strength, so Captain Bowen- Jones was ordered to move on to the high ground on the right, but to keep well south of the trenches reported by aeroplane, and shown on the map as running parallel to the road. Captain Davies was ordered to rejoin the main body of the battalion.

1918 Oct . D Company, under Captains H. A. Davies and A. T. Robinson.

1919 Jan 27. R.W. Fus. Temp. Capt. H. A. Davies, M.C., to be actg. Maj. while 2nd-in-comd.

1919 Mar 4. R.W. Fus. Temp. Capt. H. A. Davies, M.C. (Lt., R.W. Fus.), relinquishes the actg. rank of Maj. on ceasing to be 2nd in command., 8th Bn.

Intelligence Officer of 2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers

1920 Jan 7. Special Appointment, Cl. GG.—Lt. H. A. Davies, M.C., R.W. Fus.

1922 Jan 12. Recommendation to get him out of Ireland. His address was Oaklands, Wigton, Cumberland

1923 Jan 1. MBE gazetted to Lieutenant Harold Alban Davies, M.C., The Royal Welch Fusiliers.

1923 Apr 12. 5th Bn., R.W. Fus.—Lt. H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C., R.W. Fus., to be Adjt., vice Maj. H. A. Jefferson, D.S.O., who vacates that appt. Lt. H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C., R.W. Fus., is granted the temp, rank of Capt. in the T.A. (with pay and allces. of a Lt.) whilst holding the appt. of Adjt.

1925 Jun 22. R.W. Fus.—The undermentioned Lts. to be Capts. under the provisions of Art. 109, Royal Warrant for Pay and Promotion 1922. 22nd June 1925: H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C.

1927 Apr 12. 5th Bn. R.W. Fus.— Capt. H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C., R.W. Fus., vacates the appt. of Adjt.

1927 Apr 12. R.W. Fus.—Capt. H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C., is restd. to the estabt.

1933 Oct 20. R.W. Fus.— Capt. H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C., to be Adjt., vice Capt. F. I. Gerrard, M.C.

1934 Jan 2. To be Brevet Major. Capt. H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C., R.W. Fus

1937 Jan 20. R.W. Fus.—Lt. T. A. G. Pritchard to be Adjt. vice Capt. & Bt. Maj. H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C.

1937 Jan 28. R.W. Fus.—Capt. & Bt. Maj. H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C., is restd. to the estabt.

1937 May 17 He lands in Vancouver, Cananda on Empress of Asia. Given as "Attached to Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Hong Kong."

1937 Sep 15. Royal Irish Fusiliers. Capt. & Bt. Maj. H. A; Davies, M.B.E. , M.C., from R.W. Fus., to be Capt. & Bt. Maj. with regtl. seniority 8th Apr. 1929.

1938 Feb 8, Decree nisi in divorcing his wife on the grounds of her miconduct with a Col Brewer of Indian Army

1938 Aug 5. R. Ir. Fus. Bt. Maj. H. A. Davies, M.B.E., M.C.

1943-1945 Commanding Officer 52nd Brigade, India

1945 Commanding Officer Headquarters Training Group, India

1948 Jul 3. R Ir Fus Maj (War Subs Lt -Col ) H A DAVIES, M B E , M C (9388) retires on ret pay, and is granted the hon rank of Brigadier

1952 Feb 29. Died in Dar-es-Salaam

Dublin Castle Intelligence