Charles Claude Wallace MC, MM

1882 Nov 24 born Thanet, Kent

1885 Sep 1 Bapt in Ramsgate

1891 census at 11 Dante Road, St Mary, Newington, London

1901 census. He is a Private at Aldershot in Second Dragoon Guards Queens Bays

1908 Oct 21 Marriage in Essex, England to Mary Ann Lyon

1911 census . He is a married Sgt at 1St Cavalry Brigade, 2nd Dragoon Guards, Wellington Lines, Aldershot

1916 Oct 10. MM awarded . 5031 Sjt. (now S.S./M.) C. C. Wallace, D.G

1918 Jan 11. E. York R.—Sqdn. Serjt.-Maj. Charles Claude Wallace, from D. Gds., to be 2nd Lt.

1918 Jul 14. E. York. R. 2nd Lt. C. C. Wallace, M.M., to be actg. Capt. (addtl.).

1918 Oct 1. MC 2nd Lt. Charles Claude Wallace, M.M., E. York. R.

Prior to our attack he led a daylight patrol into "No Man's Land," bringing back information of great value for the in- tended operation. During our advance he was with the leading flank platoon of the company and rushed an enemy machine-gun post of two guns, killing three of the team and capturing the remainder. He was of great assistance to his company commander in the consolidation of the captured position and the organisation of its defence. He displayed great gallantry in leading his men, and initiative and skill throughout the attack

1919 Jul 11. E. York. E. Lt. (actg. Capt.) C. C. Wallace, M.C., M.M., reverts to the substantive rank of Lt

1921 Apr 1. North' n -R.-The undermentioned Lts. to be Capts. : . C. C. Wallace, M.C., M.M., from the E. York. R. 1st Apr. 1921, but not to reckon for pay or allowances prior1 to 30th July 1921." "

1921 census at 1st Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment, Military Barracks Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland

1926 Dec 1. Northampton Regt . Capt. C. C. Wallace, M.C., M.M., having attained the age fixed for compulsory retirement is placed on ret. pay.

1939 Register . ARP Officer, retired Captain in Northamptonshre Regt. Living with wife Mary A Wallace

1947 Jul/Sep Married at Thanet, Kent to Elsie Williams



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