James Blagriff


1876 Jun 25 Born Athlone


1901 census with the family in Killeenmore, Killinure , Westmeath

1905 Feb 13. Married in Dublin


1911 census Living at Rathmines Av, Dublin.

1914 Enlists in RFA

1920 Dec 30 Shot


Within a week the authorities had arrested Patrick Killon, who was mentioned tat the inquest. Nothing comes of this arrest.

IRA Witness Statement There was only one person from our area executed as a British Spy. Although this man, who was named Blagriff, was from our Battalion area he was executed by the Athlone Battalion. He worked in that area and all his activities took place there I am not aware of why he was executed or what his activities for the British forces were. I was never satisfied Blagriff was; a spy

IRA Witness Statement Blagriff was a workman in the Coosan area and was an ex-British soldier. I have no definite knowledge of his guilt or otherwise, but I understand that he talked to his employer and told him about the work he was doing for the British. 21. I was also told at the time that the employer of Blagriff had found some papers belonging to him which incriminated him. I had no part in his execution

IRA Witness Statement Around January or February 1921, a man named Blagriff was shot at Ballykieran crossroads. This man was going to join the Tans, having passed the medical examination for them. He told his employer about this while under the influence of drink. The boss gave him some more whiskey and talked further to him. He discovered that Blagriff knew all the local Volunteers, as he had worked for a considerable time in the area. He had always been more than friendly to the Volunteers. With the knowledge he had he would have been a dangerous man to allow to join the Tans, and it was decided he would have to die. When we held him up prior to shooting him, he would not admit anything. The police and military raided the area extensively after Blagriff's shooting and ill-treated his boss severely because he would not supply them with information about the men who shot Blagriff



Shot by IRA as British spies