Kate Carroll


1911 census at Aghanameena , Sheskin, Monaghan


1911 census at Drumturk , Drumboory, Monaghan

1921 Apr 16.

Kate Carroll in Aughameena, Co Monaghan. She was shot and left on the side of a public road and a card pinned to her clothing reading 'Spies and informers beware. Tried, convicted and executed by the I.R.A'


IRA Witness Statement Those raids for mails gave General O'Duffy and the Brigade staff most valuable intelligence about the activities of some civilian spies who were giving information to the British in our Brigade area. Information obtained in one of those raids resulted in the execution of two British spies Kitty Carroll from near Scotstown and Arthur Treanor from Tydavnet direction. In both of these cases I heard that cheques were actually enclosed in letters in payment for services rendered. I know for a fact that both of those people were executed a a result of information got in raids on mails which left no doubt as to their guilt. after Kitty Carroll was shot Lloyd George made a statement in the British House of Commons inconnection with the execution and the Press reports stated that he wept when he described the callous disregard which they displayed for the niceties of civilised.warfare in executing a woman [note, I cannot find a report like this in the press]

IRA Witness Statement Two were executed in my area by this procedure, Arthur Treanor in Bragan Company area and Kitty Carroll, Knockatallonarea. The proof against the latter was very strong. She was scarcely normal and was not sufficiently intelligent to cloak her activities.On the other hand, Arthur Treanor was intelligent and shrewd and more difficultt o involve




1921 Apr 19. A question was asked in Westminster

Sir W. DAVISON (by Private Notice) asked the Attorney-General for Ireland whether he can give the House any particulars as to the dastardly murder, by a body of men stated to belong to the Irish Republican Army, of Catherine Carroll, who was the sole support of her aged parents, between 80 and 90 years 1693 of age, in the Scotstown district of the County Monaghan, early on Sunday morning; whether she was dragged from her bed and, after having her hands fastened behind her back, was brutally murdered in a field near her parents' cottage; whether he is aware that the whole district is living in a state of terror; and what steps are being taken to protect the inhabitants from further outrages of the kind?

Mr. HENRY At 11.45 p.m. on the 16th, in the Monaghan district, Kate Carroll was dragged from her house by armed men and murdered. She lived with an invalid brother, 53 years old, and her mother, who is 80 years old. Recently Miss Carroll wrote some letters to the police concerning illicit drink traffic in the neighbourhood. These letters were captured from the local postman by members of the Irish Republican Army, and this capture was the cause of her death. After she was dragged out of the house, her hands were tied behind her back, and they forced her along for half a mile. Her dead body was found, with bullet wounds, in a field. The murder has caused a feeling of terror in the district, and every effort is being made, and will be made, to bring the murderers to justice.


Shot by IRA as British spies