Alfred James Cotter

1887 Birth at Rossmore, Kilmeen, Cork

1901 census at 2 Teadies Lower, Teadies, Cork


1911 census at 69 Ballyneen Town, Ballymoney, Cork

1921 Feb 25 Shot at Ballineen . Cork


IRA Witness Statement The boycott of the R.I.C .then commenced and as there were a number of Protestant traders in our area we had to be very stiff about the boycott. We posted notices calling for the boycott of theR.I.C.and delivered notices to the individual traders Onetrader (Cotter) kept in touch with the R.I.C. and, on he had a bakery, he supplied them with bread. I reported the case to Sean Murphy,O/C.3rdBattalion, and we discussed the case at several Battalion Council meetings, It was decided to impose a boycott on Cotter himself and notices were posted around the village warningthe people against trading with Cotter. As company O/C. I was responsible for enforcing the boycott and I was assisted by my adjutant, Jack Hennessy. Things got hot and, in order to give protection to Cotter, a party of 80 of the Essex Regiment was brought to Ballineen andtook up quarters in the local R.I.C .barracks and in the house of Dr.Fehily, which they commandeered. On the13th July 1920, myself and Jack Hennessy posted up notices againstCotter and on the next morning at 1o'clock (which was a Sunday) I was awakened by an N.C.O. and four men of the Essex Regiment in my bedroom. The N.C.O. had a revolver and the men rifles.....

The boycott of Cotter was continued. I ordered his workmen to leave which they did, with the exception of one man, an ex-British soldier. They carried on the bakery with their own labour and continued to deal with the R.I.C .I ordered the porter at the railway station not to handle flour for Cotter andissued an order forbidding any person to keep or sell any of Cotter's bread On 4th August 1920 , I captured a load of Cotter's bread on the Ballineen-Dunmanway main road.....

October 1920, I was in the village of Ballineen, having gone in by the backs of the houses, when the Black and Tans raided for me.They appeared to have been kept well informed of my movements as they had associated me with the fight at Manch. I got away to the back of the post office and escaped in the darkness. Cotter's,the bakers, were keeping the British informed of our movements. I had to remain away from Ballineen, on the run, and a man named Cullinane was appointed to take charge of the company.

IRA Witness Statement The Company Captain,Timothy Warren,was living in the village of Ballineen and the Cotters kept a close watch on both Tim Warren and myself. it was the practice of Tim Warren's people to leave the key of the house under a stone to facilitate Tim when he was returning in the early hours from battalion meetings. This fact became known to the Cotters as they used watch for Tim Warren's return .The factt hat Cotters were continuing to supply the R.I.C. was reported to Seán Murphy, Dunmanway,who was Battalion 0/C, and after a discussion with the Battalion Council Seán Murphy issued orders for a boycott of the Cotters .We put up posters in and around the village of Ballineen calling for a boycott of Cotters and, as a result, most of their workmen left

Early in my statement I referred to the case of Alfred Cotter of Ballineen who was supplying the R.I.C. with bread. The case of Cotter had been continually before the battalion and there appeared to be evidence to connect him with spying. After the 0/C,Tim Warren, and I went on the run Cotter continued his contacts with the R.I.C. The case was dealt with by the Brigade when they were cleaning up the British spy ring in West Cork in the early day sof 1921. Alfred Cotter was executed on brigade orders on the 27th February,1921


Shot by IRA as British spies