Denis Crowley

This body is almost certainly not Denis Crowley. I have no idea whose it is

Basically Cowley disappeared in Jul 1919, his wife in Cappoquin read about the unknown body in Newcastle West, and had it exumed. She saw the body and said it was not her husband

They married in 1913 when the first child was 2 months old, and a second child was born in 1914. I assume Crowley went off to the war soon after this. His wife had not heard from him since Jul 1919. I assume he just did not want to come back to her.

1913 Sep 16 Kate Crowley born

1913 Nov 12. Married Alice Merrigan at Cappoquin


1914 Sep 6. Son John Born

1919 Jul. His wife never hears from him after this date

1920 Mar 26. A body is exumed in Limerick and his wife says it is not him. Given that it was his wife who said the body might be his, has it exhumed, then said it was not him. Given that he lived in Cappoquin, and the body was found in Newcastle West I think it is unlikely that this body is Denis Crowley. The most like explanation is that Crowley went off and started a new life elsewhere

1935 Jan 28, His wife dies as a "widow", and has not re-married


Shot by IRA as British spies