David Cummins


I cannot find the Inquest. He appears to have been arrested at work by the IRA, held at Meldrum House, executed and left on the road near Dualla. Nobody appears to know why he was executed.


1886 Jan 10. Born Donegal


1901 census at East Port ,Ballyshannon Urban, Donegal


1911 census at Noan ,Graystown, Tipperary

1921 Jul 9. Shot Tipperary

IRA Witness Statement At the time a party of Volunteers under Paddy Byrne, the Battalion Vice Commandant,were holding a man, named Cummins, a prisoner at Meldrum House, then occupied by a caretaker only. I cannot tell you anything of Cummins’ history but I understand that he had been found guilty of spying. What the specific charge against him was, I cannot now recall - perhaps I never heard it.

One evening at New Inn Seán Downey told me to go to Meldrum House and to tell Byrne to shoot Cummins and for he (Byrne) to leave the body on the road between the two public houses in the village of Dualla. Downey's orders were duly carried out ; and a label, with the inscription, "Executed by the I.R.A. Spies and Informers ,Beware!" was placed on Cummins' body where it lay on the road at Dualla. This happened on the 8th July, 1921, just a few days before the signing of the Truce

IRA Witness Statement ....relates to the capture and execution of a spy named Cummins, at whose execution I was present. Cummins was employed as a motor driver at Armitages ,Noan ,Ballinure.




Shot by IRA as British spies