James Dalton

James Dalton was an IRA double agent. He probably was innocent of passing information to the RIC, but was doing his job as an Intelligence officer for 1st Bat IRA. And may have been victim of a personal feud "War of Independence in Limerick"

1872 Sep 2. Born Limerick


1899 Jan 14 Married


1911 census at 5 Clare St Limerick



1920 May 15. Shot Limerick


It was alleged that in early 1920 Dalton had visited the homes of RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) Intelligence Officers. On hearing of these allegations Dalton requested an enquiry into the accusations. The enquiry found that there was “no guilty or dishonest motive on his part and that the suspicions…were unfounded”. Captain D O’Sullivan claims the accusations were “due to personal jealousy and animosity between ‘rival factions’ …in the Volunteers in Limerick”.

Following her husband’s death Anne Dalton was awarded an ex-gratia payment of £500 following a Dáil vote in 1920. This grant was viewed “as a vindication of his character and for the education of his children”. She was awarded a further £700 by the Compensation (Personal Injuries) Committee in November 1924.

Annie was awarded a widows allowance of £90 per annum plus a further £24 per annum in respect of each of her 7 children under the Army Pensions Act, 1923. The awards were to run from 1 April 1922 until the children came of age. The awards were made subject to the recovery of the £1,200 awarded previously.granted


Shot by IRA as British spies