James Doherty

(he had called himself James Boland because he was brought up by Boland Grandparents)

Born James Doherty, he was raised by his maternal grandparents, the Bolands, and enlisted as James Boland in 1917. He lost an arm while serving and was released from the British Army in 1918. Various reference books say that he led the Crown Forces to the men who were involved in John Street ambush, but I cannot find any primary source to substantiate that. There is a paucity of Witness Statements, only one, which says the IRA executed him

He had married a few weeks before his death


1898 Aug 5. His parents married


1898 Aug 17. Born


1901 census at Townwall, Limerick

But his parents are at Careys Lane, Limerick (same address as on their marriage certificate)


1911 census at Townwall, Limerick

I cannot find his parents in 1911


1917 Apr 4. Attested to Leinster Regt

1918 May 14. Discharged Leinster Regt. He had his right arm amputated.


1921 Jan 29. Married



1921 Jun 27. Shot in Limerick

IRA Witness Statement The execution of a spy named Boland

The British Inquest into his death




Shot by IRA as British spies