Denis Finbar Donovan

There are two similarly named men shot at around the same time

The Death Cert gives him of Gouldings Terrace Cork, and aged 21 years and 7 months




IRA Witness Statement When O’Brien, [Thomas] Healy, and myself met next night, we came to the conclusion that the R.I.C. had got information from some source in relation to the shooting of the R.I.C. sergeant. . . . We proceeded to worry out who the police spy could be. Only four people knew who participated in the shooting of the R.I.C. sergeant, viz., Healy, O’Brien, the company captain (Dick Murphy), and myself. At the time, Dick Murphy was on very intimate terms with a man named Denis Donovan, Barrack St.,Cork. Barrack St. was in the 2nd Battalion area, while we were in the 1st Battalion, Cork No.1. We had all got to know Donovan well, and we had a nickname on him -"Di Din" for the reason that he was ever and always suggesting ways and means of shooting up the military and R.I.C. I remember asking Dick Murphy whether he had mentioned the R.I.C .shooting to"Din Din". He pooh-poohed any suggestion that anything was wrong with "Din Din", and we allowed the matter to rest. ... ..... I should have mentioned earlier that Denis Donovan ("Din Din"), already referred to in this account, was shot as a spy on Brigade instructions. He was shot in Ballygarvanon 14th April,1921, and a label "spies and informers beware " placed on his chest.


WO 35/149A/29 Description: Death of Denis Finbar Donovan; died between 9th and 12 the April, 1921; Ballygassen, County Cork. Date: 1921