William Doran



Night porter at the Wicklow Hotel shot 28 Jan 1921 as an informer

Doran had been warned according to Thornton, but ignored the warnings and had to be shot.


1882 Birth


1901 census at Chancery Lane Dublin


1905 Clare Delf born in the Workhouse. An illegitimate child of the woman who married Doran in 1907


1907 Marriage


1909 Oct 6. A child born to William Doran and his wife


1911 census at Leeson Street, Lower , Dublin)


1921 Jan 28 Shot in Dublin. Note contradictions in Witness Statements

IRA Witness Statement William Doran, Night porter at the Wicklow Hotel. We shot dead in the hall of the Wicklow Hotel on the morning of the 28th January, 1921. This man had been discovered sometime previously to have been an enemy agent and to have been continually sending on information to British Intelligence about residents in the Wicklow Hotel. The Wicklow Hotel at that particular time had been frequented in the daytime by Mick Collins. Tom Cullen, GearĂ³id O'Sullivan, Dermot O'Hegarty, Liam Tobin and myself. Doran was warned repeatedly tha if he continued to act in the capacity of enemy agent he would have to take the consequences. He ignored all warnings and was shot on the above date

IRA Witness Statement We used to go round to maids and, boots in the different hotels and get information from them. Collins got information from Paddy O'Shea that Doran was giving information to the British. Collins used to dine in the Wicklow Hotel regularly and was satisfied that Doran was a British agent. There was a delay ine xecuting this spy, we had been trying to get him for a fortnight, and Tobin turned to me one day and asked me would I carry out the execution. I said I would if I gotDan McDonnell to go along with me, so the two of us were detailed to carry out the job. Dan McDonnell already knew Doran, and the two of us walked to the door of the hotel and asked for Paddy O'Shea .Just then Doran came out of one of the rooms, I think it was the dining-room, and Dan McDonnell said, "That's Doran". I produced my revolver and shot him through the head and the heart, and. McDonnell shot him through the stomach. We had a covering party and we had no difficulty in getting away.

IRA Witness Statement [This statement appears to be rubbish. He has the place of the shooting wrong, and even Doran's Christian name] Peter (sic) Doran - Spy: The Squad had information from G.H.Q .Intelligence that the head porter in the Wicklow Hotel by the name of Peter Doran was giving information to the Castle authorities and that it had been decided to eliminate him.Two attempts were made to get this man. On the first occasion he did not appear and the second attempt was on the following day, the 28th January, 1921. Two of us were detailed to carry out the shooting and the remainder of the Squad to accompany us to secure our getaway Asusual we were given a rough description of Doran. Charlie Dalton of G.H.Q .Intelligence was detailed to accompany the Squad, point him out and give the signal which was the waving of a handkerchief when Doran appeared at the door of the hotel. On the day in question we went up to Wicklow St. and took up a stand close to the main entrance to the hotel and waited for Doran to appear and the signal from Dalton. It was a very quiet afternoon and after about a half an hour's waiting, as far as I can remember,Doran or a man like him came out of the hotel and turned towards Grafton St. We immediately got the signal from Dalton, which was promptly and clearly given, and we carried out the elimination close to the corner of Grafton St. We then withdrew in the opposite direction down towards Exchequer St. There were no immediate reactions from the shootingbeyond the usual shouting and some screaming from people shopping and window gazing.




Shot by IRA as Spies

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