Hugh Duffy

1860 Born Monaghan


1901 census

1911 census


1921 Apr 1. Shot Monaghan

IRA Witness Statement .One night Jennie Kelly, BobHamill and myself were on guard on a nearby road.A patrol of "B" Specials came along. Hugh Duffy was apparently an advanced guard for this patrol. It was a fairly dark night and Duffy nearly got past where we were standing before we noticed him. We ordered him to halt and he immediately opened fire on us.We replied vigorously to his fire. I can't understand since how Duffy missed Bob Hamillon whom he first opened fire, nor can I explain how he escaped from us returning fire. Duffy zig-zagged back towards the main patrol of "B" men. The patrol made no effort later to approach our position....... I would like to mention a few of the Rockcorry "B" men who were particularly active against the I.R.A.: Hugh Duffy, Jack Francey, Bob Harrison and a man named Harpur. Those men held up my brother Ned one night. Ned dared them to search him and they did no do it. Duffy later on gave information to the Tans whichr esulted in several I.R.A. men's arrests. An order wa sgiven for Duffy's .liquidation which was carried out about June 1921



Shot by IRA as British spies