Robert Eady

1877 Mar 8. Parents married

1879 Feb 19 Born

1901 census at Knockaphonery, Kilkerranmore, Cork


1911 census at Knockaphonery, Kilkerranmore, Cork


1916 May 31. Married


1921 Mar 4. shot Cork

IRA Witness Statement During the months of December, 1920, and January, 1921, I was. engaged with .other members of the intelligence staff in covering the activities of a suspected spy in the area. Eventually we succeeded in confirming that he was supplying information to the R.I.C. He actually visited the R.I.C. barracks dressed up as a woman in a hooded cloak. He was arrested in February, 1921, tried by court martial, found guilty and executed as a spy. This man's name was Robert Eady. He resided at Clogheen, Clonakilty

The Compensation Commission Register awarded £2000 and noted ‘[Liability] Agreed 50/50’,


Shot by IRA as British spies