Michael Gunning

Gunning was certainly kidnapped, I cannot find him being released, and his pension card shows a death of 5 Feb 1921. I cannot find that death registered in Irish GRO, but here is one for Barnet, London in 1922, so he may have moved away after his kidnap

There are two optons for his birth either in 1885 which would have made him 26 in 1911 census which gives 23 not 26. but a mother Margaret (as on pension card). Or born 1888, which would have made him the right age in the census, but the wrong maother (Maria)

1888 born Henry Street , Roscommon

1885 born Cloonagh, Sligo

1894 Jul 22 A brother James borm at Cloonagh if the b1885 man

1901 census at Annaghley , Kilmactranny, Sligo if the b1885 man

1909 Sep 21. Enlisted in Irish Guards. Awarded Military Medal in WW1

1911 census in the Guards Depot at Caterham, Surrey he is aged 23. Gives born Anaghloy, County Sligo. Fits with pension card which says his mother is at Anaghloy, Roscommon (Annaghloy being just about on the county border of Sligo and Roscommon.

1915 Aug 19 Landed in France

1916 Oct 21 Awarded Military Medal

1919 Apr 3. Irish Guards discharged

1920 Oct 31. Missing Roscommon. He was kidnapped 5km NW of Roscommon town. Bernard Ward , also of Henry Street was abducted on 6 Nov 1920

1921 Feb 5 His Pension card records that as his death

That would fit Michael Gunning who died Barnet, London Jan/Mar 1921. Age 33, implying 1888 birth. One would need to get death cet to see if it gave further information

Shot by IRA as British spies