Thomas Hannon

Thomas Hannon was a land agent for C.J. O’Rourke, near Clonbeme, Galway. The local IRA believed that he was a police informer.

1900 Mar 21. Born Peatie, Galway


1901 census at in Deerpark , Tuam Rural, Galway


1921 Apr 20 . Shot Galway


IRA Witness Statement About 10a.m a local landlord named Charles 0'Rourke, who also had a big place at Birmingham near Tuam, arrived at Clonbern accompanied by his daughter and a man named Thomas Hannon. The party were on horseback. Hannon was at the time being sought for by the I.R.A. as he had been found guilty of spying. He was immediately placed under arrest. There was some doubt as to his identity but this was soon cleared up by officers who knew him well. He was held prisoner all day with a number of other people whom we had to detain as a safety measure. The expected lorry of R.I.C. did not come to help Mr.Burke round up his cattle as we had expected. We vacated our positions at dusk .Hannon was taken under escort to the house of Rev. Fr. Waldron, C.C., Clonbern parish, where he was allowed some time to prepare himself for his execution, of which he had been notified earlier in the day by Brigade Commandant Dunleavy. After being spiritually consoled by Fr. Waldron he was taken about half a mile from the parish church, blindfolded and executed by shooting. There was a firing party of seven men.Hannon's body was labelled "Spy" and lef in the field where he fell. I heard afterwards that the verdict at the inquest was six bullets in the heart and one in the neck. [Note - the doctor's report at the inquest does not bear this out]


IRA Witness Statement During the day, many people who passed by and saw us had to be detained. They were kept under guard in the house of Charles O'Rourke, a local landlord who had another place at Birmingham, about three miles from Tuam. A man named Thomas Hannon was found in O'Rourke's house. He was an employee of O'Rourke's and usually worked in the place in Birmingham, but just happened to be in Clonbern on that particular day. He had already been sentenced to death by the I.R.A., having been found guilty of giving information to the enemy. Before leaving Clonbern, 'annon was taken to one of the local priests, who ministered to him before his execution. He was executed by shooting. His body was labelled "Spy" and left in a field near the village of Kigalla


IRA Witness Statement [Charles ORourke saw us ] with one of his servants, Hannon, who had been already sentenced to death for espionage and who had got several chances to leave the district,was with O'Rourke .Unfortunately, Hannon had seen some of the men who were his neighbours, viz., Thomas Wilson, Michael Gannon, Thomas Ryan (deceased), Michael Cleary and some others who were not on the run at the time but who were reinforcing the column for this operation. Otherwise, the brigade council might have given Hannon another chance to leave the country rather than carry out the death penalty. I told Hannon to make his peace with God, and took him away from the prisoners. I also told him that, if we had the opportunity, I would let him see a priest, which we did later that evening, and duly carried out the execution, and labelled the spy,'Convicted Spy. Executed by I.R.A. Others Beware'




Shot by IRA as British spies