Arthur J Harrison

Very little is known about this man. Although the RIC register gives an exact date of birth and a exact marriage date, I cannot find him in BMD or censuses. The RIC Register gives him as "Arthur J" while the press reports give " Arthur W"

1892 Feb 22. Born Lancs (RIC register)

1916 Aug 14 Married (RIC register)

There is an Arthur Harrison married on that date, but not our man . The Arthur Harrison in the Marriage cert is born 1 May 1888 and is alive in 1939 Register)


1920 Sep 24 Enlisted in RIC as a Black & Tan

1920 Oct 1. Posted to Cork WR

1921 Apr 30 Resigned because of his wife's ill health.

1921 Apr 30 Kidnapped. Shot Cork. He was on his way home after resigning. It apers to hrelease from Dublin Castle that said he had been shot, but tthere waas no body.

IRA Executions in 1921 (Collins Papers, Military Archives, A/0649);


Shot by IRA as British spies