George Johnston


1875 Sep 19 Born Westmeath


1911 census at Warren High , Carn, Westmeath


1921 Death of his father


1921 Apr 11. Shot Westmeath


IRA Witness Statement Another man named Johnston was shot as a spy. This man was a Protestant in religion. He had been a gamekeeper in earlier years and, as such, was responsible for a number of prosecutions against individuals. He actually fired at some of our men one morning. His place of residence was at Baylinn about four miles from here and knew all around this area very well. When our men went to get him, I understand he put up a desperate fight to escape. He was shot in a house next door to his own house and then taken some short distance from the house and labelled that he was executed for spying. I cannot give any actual details as to his guilt, but it was accepted by everyone without question that he was a spy, and it was further understood that he was the principal enemy agent in the county






Shot by IRA as British spies