Peter Keyes


1871 Feb 7. Born Mountrath


1892 Married Kate Henrey



1901 census at Shannon Street, Mountrath, Queen's Co.


1911 census at Rushin, Mountrath, Queen's Co.


1921 Jul 5. Shot

IRA Witness Statement Early in 1921 it was evident that "spies" were active in the area. In Mountrath one particular man was openly collaborating with the enemy. A meeting was held in Peafield attended by the Brigade Vice0/C., Thomas Brady; Lar Brady, Adjutant; myself and the Battalion Adjutant; also I.R.A .men from Killanure and Mountrath with reports against the spy. After consideration of the reports I was ordered to have the spy executed. The order was duly carried out. (The name of the spy was Peter Keyes, Rushin Road, Mountrath,)


1921 Oct 21. Compensation of £2000 for widow


Shot by IRA as British spies