William Latimer


1875 Born


1905 Sep 13 Married in Mohill



1921 Mar 30. Shot Leitrim


IRA Witness Statement

IRA Witness Statement Regarding the ambush at Garvagh where Connolly and the other men were killed, a Protestant farmer named William Lattimer, who lived at Glassdrummond, had seen Connolly and the other men go into a house at Selton Hill, called Flynn's. He, Lattimer, went into Mohill and gave this information to a Dr.Pentland who, in turn, passed it on to the British military. The military went out to Selton Hill and surrounded Flynn's house with a large force, including armoured cars and Lewis guns, with the result that Connolly and the others were killed in trying to fight their way out .It was now decided that Lattimer and Dr.Pentland would have to pay the death penalty for their action :A few men of the Column were sent to Lattimer's house with instructions to shoot him. The house was locked and barricaded, so they threw a few hand grenades into it, thinking this would finish him off but, to their surprise, he came out after the explosions. They shot him then Dr.Pentland succeeded in clearing out of the country but, shortly afterwards, he was killed by being crushed to death against a wall by a lorry in London.


IRA Witness StatementJack Bohan was the battalion intelligence officer and he had an intelligence service organised within the battalion. What he was able to get in the way of information I do not know, or if the post offices in the area were of any use to him. I Don't think they were. The only spy or informer that was executed in the area was a man called Latimer. It was he, through of Mohill, who had informed the British about Connolly and the others being at Seltan Hill, Garvagh. Lattimer had openly convicted himself, and to confirm it, had barricaded himself into his house after the affair. The doctor was subsequently killed in London. He had left the country the day after our men were killed. There is a doubt still existing, and I expect never will be cleared up, as to whether his death was accidental or was a planned affair


IRA Witness StatementAfter Connolly's death it was decided that Lattimer, the Protestant farmer who had given the iuformation that led to their deaths in the first instance, would have to die. Two of the column, Michael Geoghegan and Earty Boylan, were detailed to carry out the execution. They were accompanied by two men from the Cloone Company who could identify Lattimer and also for protection purposes. Lattimer had locked and barricaded himself in his house, and when ordered by our men to come out would not do so and fired a number of shots from a revolver he had in his possession. Googhegan threw a hand grenade in through one of the windows and then Lattimer came out with his hands up. They took him away some distance from the house and shot him dead. Dr.Pringle had left the country on the day after Connolly's and the other man's death and went to London, where he was subsequently killed by being crushed to death, by a car or lorry against a wall. This may have been acoidental but quite a number of people believe that it was planned so





Shot by IRA as British spies