James and Laurence Looby


These two shootings appear to be linked and carried out by Crown Forces. I cannot find the Inquest. They were both senior IRA men


1911 census at Newpark, Ballysheehan, Tipperary



1921 Dec 18. James Looby shot. He had been a police prisoner at the time

William Delaney and Captain James J. Looby, were shot by British forces near Kilfeacle, Tipperary. They were both members of D Company, 2nd, Battalion, 3rd Tipperary Brigade.

They had been captured near Dualla, on December 17th, 1920, and taken to Cashel R.I.C. barracks by the police.

The following day they were removed from police custody by the military and were taken to Tipperary military barracks where they were allegedly tortured.

James Looby was 23 years old and married with two children.

Their father, Lawrence Senior, worked at Ballyowen House, Cashell.



1921 Dec 19 Laurence Looby shot by a group of men

The day after the death of James J. Looby his brother I.R.A. Adjutant Laurence Looby was shot at Ballysheehan on the Dublin Road. He was Adjutant of D Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Tipperary Brigade. Laurence was playing cards with his cousins the Flanagan’s at their house in Ballysheehan, while there the house was raided, Lawrence was taken outside and shot. Lawrence Looby was 19 years old.


Shot by IRA as British spies