Patrick Maher

1881 May 18 . Born Borrisoleigh


1901 census at Lower St, Borrisoleigh

Served in Royal Irish Rifles in Boer War

1911 census. His parents still at Lower St, Borrisoleigh, but Patrick is not there. He appears to be with 1st Leinsters at Devonport in UK census aged 30 and married


1921 Jun 26. Shot Tipperary

IRA Witness Statement Just a short time before the attack on Borrisoleigh, a labouring man named Patrick Maher who lived in a labourer's cottage in Mount Kinnane, 1 1/2miles from the former place, was taken from his home at night by a party of I.R.A. men under the local company captain, Tommy Kirwan, and shot as a spy. Kirwan was in charge of the firing party. The executed man had been associating for a good while before with the R.I.C. He generally left his home at night and met the police in Borrisoleigh where he drank with them in the pubs. A number of warnings had been given him that consorting with the enemy might have fatal consequences for him but he ignored these warnings. home was in a locality that was much used by "wanted" I.R.A. men where they received food and shelter. Raids made by the enemy on houses frequented by I.R.A. men indicated that information was coming to the police from some person residing in the neighbourhood. The finger of suspicion naturally pointed at Maher and, when he declined to desist from associating with the police after having been warned to do so, I had no hesitation in approving of the sentence of death which had been passed on him by the local I.R.A.officers

Shot by IRA as British spies