John Moloney

1872 born Co Limerick. Aged 37 on 1911 census, with father Michael from his marriage cert. Only two possible births, and the 1871 birth makes him too old, So the most probable is the man born on 13 Mar 1872. Though this does not exactly to the man shpt in Jul 1921, said by his wife to be 47 on that date.


1893 Oct 1 Married Mary Curren at The Roman Catholic Chapel of, Bruff

John Moloney

1895 Jan 1 He is a labourer on Birth Cert of daughter Bridget

1898 Nov 5 He is a Summony Server when son John born in Bruff

1900 Jul 7 he was a Process Server when son William born at Bruff

1901 census at ?

1906 Apr 10 He is a process server when daughter Kate born at Bruff

1908 Aug 29 He is a summons server when daughter Mary Anne is born at Ardykeohane

1911 census at Ardykeohane, Bruff, Limerick


Around 1915 enlisted in Royal Munster Fusiliers

transfers to Royal Irish Regiment


1919 Feb 25 Discharged, general debility


1921 Jul 8. Shot Limerick

IRA Witness Statement


I was contacted by a family member who believes that Jack Connors, his uncle would have been 20 at the time, was involved. And that Tom O'Grady (28) would have also been involved. In the account of the killing in Tom Toomeys book, it mentions they were inexperienced and the killing was not carried out properly and hence the delay in Jack Moloney death.(He seemed to have lived for a few hours).

Shot by IRA as British spies