Daniel McCarthy


He could well have been a British spy. His past cannot be found, the inquest is not available, nor a death certificate. He did not speak a word while in captivity.


1921 Mar 25. Shot Cork - The full inquest does not seem to be available nor a death cert.


IRA Witness Statement Another spy named McCarthy, where from we don't know, was with the I.R.A. prisoners in Ballincollig Barracks. He was there about three weeks when we heard from a prisoner to look out for him. We reported the matter to Leo Murphy, who said toarrest him. So one evening he came out of the Barracks and as there was noone around but J.Ahern he had to follow him to the city, on account of having no arms, where he met a Volunteer in Washington Street, Frank O'Donoghue, 1st Battalion, who came with him. They captured the spy in Patrick Street near the Lee Cinema. Walked him to Clarke's Bridge where we got a sidecar and took him to th eold Carrigrohane road. There we met J.Murphy, T.O'Keeffe, D.O'Sullivan and F.O'Sullivan.We sent O'Donoghue back on the sidecar and we took the spy in a horse and trap to Killumney and handed him over to Leo Murphy and others and in a few weeks after he was shot by Leo Murphy, Dick Murphy (1st Battalion) and others and was afterwards taken to Ballincollig Barracks and was buried at Carr's Hole, Douglas Road, Cork City. He never spoke a word while a prisoner.

The British must have intelligence to know who was responsible for the shooting of Daniel McCarthy


Shot by IRA as British spies