William Mohally

William Mohally was a 27 year old who had been shot, but not killed, by the IRA and taken to hospital. There he was tracked down by the IRA who sent a hit squad to finish the job. They entered the hospitl, took Mohally out on a stretcher, and shot him dead on the road outside the hospital

Mohally had acted as a recruiting agent for the British Army in the early stages of the war.

1895 Born Cork

1901 census . At Roches Building, Cork


1911 census Living at Roches Building, Cork


Believed to have been an ex-soldier. But I can find no evidence for this The only MIC leads to a William born in Nenagh, who was still alive in 1925


1920 His brother Patrick marries in Cork. Note that this ties a number of things together. It is the same address as Patrick in the inquest is living at, 4 Farrar Street. and hence shows William's father is Michael Mohally of Roches Building


1921 Feb 20. Shot Cork


This is the British PR spin put out as a press release

Witness Statement On 21st February 1921, Mulally (sic), a civilian spy, was shot on the Blackrock Road.


Shot by IRA as British spies