Frederick Newsom


1899 Nov 13. Born Enniscorthy

1916 May 25 Enlisted in R Irish Reg

1916 Sep 21. Dismissed for misatatement of age

The inquest indicates that he re-joined into RFA, but I can find no evidence of this


1921 Feb 9 Shot in Enniscorthy by two men . One identified as Thomas Roche (Roche's successor as O/C A Coy Ira North Wexford) claimed in his WS that it was he who carried out the execution) , the other was James Leacy

WS1198 The unexpected arrests of Tobin, Gibbons, Waxer and many others led us to believe that a Tan spy ring was operating in Enniscorthy. So it was decided to administer a very strong warning to two individuals, named Newsome and Foley, ordering them not to collaborate or associate themselves with the Tans and R.I.C. A party of the proposed column Tom Roche (deceased), Jim ("Gigger") Whelan, Markie Kirwan (deceased) and myself, along with several members of the Fianha, learned from the Fianna that Foley and Newsome were standing at Coffey's Corner in Market Square, Enniscorthy. This incident occurred at night. We went up to the corner, called Newsome and brought him down three or four doors towards Slaney Street. We gave him a strong warning and told him that we would shoot him if he gave any more information to the authorities. While we were talking to him, a party of R.L.C. came up Slaney Street from the Bridge. When we spotted the R.I.C., our attention left Newsome who immediately bolted and ran back along the Square towards Coffey's Corner a distance of about twenty yards. As he approached the corner, we drew our revolvers and fired at him but he escaped around the corner. With that, the R.I.C. and Tans opened fire on us. We returned their fire and forced them to retreat down Slaney Street for cover. We ran towards Castle Hill and across the Bridge, escaping in the direction of the Mental Hospital. They did not follow us, and we spent the night in the laundry in the Mental Hospital. From now on, we were wanted men. Newsome, the traitor, did not hesitate to inform on us and gave all our names and addresses. Half-an-hour later, all our homes were raided and were raided continuously from that onwards. We were now on the run and were marked men.

WS1258 John Carroll.. Towards the end of 1920 a man named Frederick Newsome was tried in his absence by courtmartial on a charge of being a British spy. He was found guilty and sentenced to be executed. I do not know what evidence was preferred against him. During December, 1920, an attempt was made in the Market Square, Enniscorthy, to shoot him. When Newsome saw the Volunteers approach him, apparently suspecting what was going to happen, he dished into a crowd of people and made good his escape. About this time I was appointed 0/C of ‘A’ Company, 1st Battalion, North Wexford Brigade, in succession to Thomas Roche who had joined the Flying Column. In February, 1921, I received orders from Joseph Cummins, Who at that time was Brigade 0/C, to execute Newsome. I decided to do the job myself. One night soon afterwards when in company with James Leary, John St., both of. us; being armed (I had a .38), we carried out the execution order on Newsome when we met him at Slaney Place, Enniscorthy.

IRA Witness Statement About this time, Jerry Newsome of John Street was accused of giving Information to the police. The boys were on his track. The night he was shot, outside John Hendrick's beef shop, I was standing on the Bridge, talking to Paddy Pierce, when Pat Sheehan came over to us and said, "Move quick. This is the first opportunity we got to get Newsome"- as he always had soldiers with him every other night. Myself and Pierce cleared away. We had only gone a couple of hundred yards when we heard the guns barking. After Newsome was shot outside Hendrick's, he ran as far as the big tree in the Abbey. He could be heard roaring around the whole town. He was buried in the Corrig graveyard. This is the fellow who gave the R.I.C. the information that I was instructing the Volunteers how to use the rifle.




Compensation claim yielded £150

Shot by IRA as Spies