John O'Callaghan




IRA Witness Statement Another civilian spy dealt with by G/Company was a man named Callaghan. The Brigade had ample evidence that this man was conveying information to the enemy and Ireceived instructions to get in contact with him and take him into custody. At about 11a.m. one morning, I was in Patrick St, with Jer.Keating from G/Company, when we saw Callaghan leaving town. A night or so previously, Callaghan had been in a row of some sort and had been beaten up. Keating and I stopped Callaghan, told him that we had picked up some of those who had attack him and asked if he would accompany us to identify those who had beaten him up. He agreed to do so and he came with us to the Thomas Ashe Hall, Father Mathew Quay, Cork, where he was placed under guard. Later that evening he was taken by car outside the city and executed.