Stephen O'Callaghan

Born Cork in Jan 1892, the son of Daniel Callaghan, a bacon curer , and Mary (nee Cotter). The family appear to have added the "O" to Callaghan between 1901 and 1911. But Stephen served as "Sephen Callaghan"

During the Great War, O’Callaghan had served with the Royal Munster Fusiliers and had a wound pension. When shot in 1921, he was an unemployed dock labourer drawing a military disability pension of £1 weekly. The inquest shows his mother was "Mary" and he had a brother "John"

I cannot find anyone claiming responsability for his death

1892 Jan 4. Born Cork


1901 census living at 26 Abbey St, Cork


1909 Feb 6, SWB shows he enlisted on this date to RMF


1911 census living at 23 Rutland St, Cork - address of his mother Mary in 1921, does not help. No mother Mary, no brother John , no Stephen. I assume that Michael & Martha are brother and sister in law, and that Mary moves there by 1921

but living at 63 Evergreen Street were his siblings Daniel, John and Andrew

His mother Mary appears to be a widow in the census, working as a servant in Cork

The inquest evidence established that he served in RMF and had a wound pension of £1 a week. However there are 2 pension cards for him. One with address of 23 Rutland St (his mother's in 1921) and the other as 63 Evergreen St (his siblings in 1922) Both these are correct, therefore he served in RAF and Tank Corps. However the other Military records shows that "RAF" should read "RMF". The MIC card below confirms his service as do SWB records



1918 Jan 25. Transfers from RMF to Tanks Corps


1918 Jul 6. Discharged from Tanks Corps - wounds (SWB gives this date rather than Dec, and the SWB looks the correct date)


1921 Apr 29 Shot in Cork




Shot by IRA as British spies