Major George Bernard O'Connor, executed 10 Jul 1921



Gerald Murphy in the Year of Disappearances says that O'Donoghue blamed O'Connor for sending a message to Capt Kelly, Intelligence Officer, detailing correctly the movements of IRA staff officers. The IRA made an unsucessful attempt to kill O'Connor in Feb 1921 but wounded his wife instead.


1852 born London

1910 Jan 7. Stands for election in College Green

1910 Mar 18. Appointed Vice President of Tariff Reform League

1911 census at Hop Island, Douglas, Cork. Major Retired 6th Dragoons, Historical & Political Writer

1913 Jun 2. Speech to thank speakers at Unionist Meeting in Cork

1914 Apr 22. Proposes a motion at the Kingston & Dalkey branch of Dublin Women's Unionist Club. Note he did not see war coming

1921 Jul 11. Killed by IRA in Cork

IRA Witness Statement . During the month of February 1921 , the following spies were shot in my battalion area on instructions from the brigade: 10th February 1921. Riley,living in Douglas, was shot in his home at night. This man was a member of the senior secret service of the Y.M.C.A .He was manager of the large grocery premises of Woodford Bourne & Co.,Patrick St.,Cork.With Riley that night was a retired British army officer names Major O'Connor. He, too, was shot and killed


1921 Probate

1921 Oct 21. Compensation Commission Register, British liability was accepted, and t compensation of £5,000 was awarded. See Register of Compensation Commission (Ireland) Cases of Private Persons (CO 905/15, TNA). This sum was granted to his wife at the Cork quarter sessions on 14 October 1921.


WO 374/51109 for his Officers file